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Print Puzzle - "Crossed swords?" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 11/5/2007
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1- Custodian of a museum may occur at orchard? (7); 5- Glass ball to play with, or stone to sculpt (6); 9- Julius or Augustus, or a salad (6); 10- Not success, just a rule, if a little rattled (7); 11- Currency of European union is a part of it (4); 13- Is 'e vain, unbalanced? No, just innocent (5); 15- Examine within spectral region? (7); 16- Urge forward or steer a jumbled diver (5); 18- Sew rent cleanly from the opposite of East? (7); 21- Pivoted rigid bar - one of the simple machines (5); 22- Trapeze artist or pdf document writer? (7); 25- Between sunset and sunrise. (5); 26- People of a South African Ethnic group (4); 28- Young frog? (7); 29- A married Spanish lady (6); 30- Dried Grape. (6); 31- Tools used to drive nails in (7);
1- Its there in coffee, tea and in a fine cafe? (8); 2- In a circle, the distance between the centre and circumference (6); 3- Twisted tureen may contain period of holding office (6); 4- Center turns to look at events not long past? (6); 6- Not very common, put out of rapture? (4); 7- Put into cryptic form (6); 8- Eligible without I? Confused but readable (7); 12- Oneness, integrity bar's out of urbanity (5); 14- Adam and Eve were driven out of this garden (4); 17- Block to work metals a Roman villa might contain (5); 18- Dig from wording to be damaged through overuse? (4); 19- Take tea from caviar producer, she works in a theatre! (7); 20- Heard endurance in those under a doctor's care (8); 21- Is less active than? (6); 22- Join, emotionally or physically twisting at chat (6); 23- Grad, I? umbrella conceals radioactive element (6); 24- He has light coloured hair (6); 27- Utilises or the various functions of Sue's confusion (4);