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Print Puzzle - "Short and Tricky" by Ilavenil Thirumavalavan on 10/15/2007
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4- Hang limply like a computer diskette? (6); 6- Creator of Mickey Mouse (6); 8- __ you like it - A Shakespearan comedy (2); 9- Not criminal or military affair, but polite (5); 10- Strategic manoeuvres or hear, see static confusion? (7); 12- Greek character - third in the table! (5); 13- Cutting instrument (5); 15- Felt the aroma of melting ore to get metal (5); 17- Sudden attacks are rapidest without pets? (5); 20- Online journal - short web-log (4); 21- I scan out people of Peru before the Spanish conquest (5); 22- Land of the Sphinx and the Pyramids (5); 23- State of matter with a definite shape (5); 24- Amount of matter? (4); 26- Excitedly eager to be in accord (5); 27- Kitchen appliance which can drink to one's health? (7); 29- Inventor of Dynamite heard to be virtuous (5); 30- Text of a song or poem (6); 31- Reseat, the festival celebrating Resurrection (6); 32- It's human to do this (3);
1- Periodic sequence through which a two wheeler moves? (5); 2- The leaning tower stands here (4); 3- Use needles and wool to make clothes (4); 4- Pretend to deceive or out of foreign origin? (5); 5- A mischievous ghost to turn triplet's ego (11); 6- Information intended at a contained form - for computers? (4); 7- Mixed chat, yes for a sailing vessel (5); 11- Tim comments vaguely on his engagements and obligations (11); 14- Dome shaped eskimo hut (5); 16- Is without or is deficient in disorderly slack (5); 18- Anger in hired vehicle? (3); 19- One who writes using an aircraft's smoke trails (9); 23- Heard you lose. Confused? It's the South Korean capital (5); 25- Takes an oath, but uses profanities! (6); 26- Originate, or raise confusedly? (5); 28- Certain ruse? clearly! (4);