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Print Puzzle - "Best4" by Nic Pursey on 9/21/2007
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1- Queen features in tax study (8); 5- Flaps when knight takes king square after time (6); 9- Clever person or headcase? (8); 10- Taking a bit of my opiate shows one to be 4 (6); 12- City shop selling fancy produce, we hear (5); 13- Inconceivable? No, the opposite comes to mind (9); 14- How refreshing to find it in Virgin sale - free! (12); 18- First year students rest awkwardly outside, with tea and biscuits (12); 21- 9 is surely one of the brightest (9); 23- Born yesterday, one's welcomed by part of the church (5); 24- A trite form of dress (6); 25- Prescription from the doctor (in English) (8); 26- Puzzle that's full of holes (6); 27- Find yeti by accident having got pick out (8);
1- Exemplify it as part of the problem, body is told (6); 2- Help clear the way for ... (6); 3- ... a hundred-foot crawler! (9); 4- Such viewers need help see the bigger picture (5-7); 6- Paddler going this way and that (5); 7- This is no place for a monarch (8); 8- Look around for special constable to get even with (8); 11- What's left once the smoke has cleared? (9,3); 15- Design with a purpose in mind (9); 16- Seat member - the one in charge of proceedings (8); 17- Stiff was moved! (8); 19- It's revealing to see me fall from minibike, all messed up (6); 20- 25 is prepared to drop article about me (6); 22- Left after Enron lost its last recruit (5);