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Print Puzzle - "Rockett Man 2" by Dean Rockett published on 11/26/2005
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1- "___ Rock" was written by Graham Greene.; 6- And 16 across, author of "Notes From A Small Island".; 9- Blind composer of "The Illiad".; 10- Debut novel by Alex Garland.; 12- Co-writer of "The Lyrical Ballads".; 14- See 27 across.; 15- Surname of Jane Bronte's famous heroine.; 16- See 6 across.; 18- Dumas wrote "The ___ In The Iron Mask".; 20- "___ From The Madding Crowd" was written by Thomas Hardy.; 22- Dostoyevsky's country of birth.; 23- Surname of Dorian, character created by Oscar Wilde.; 26- Chaucer wrote "The Canterbury ___".; 27- And 14 across, "A ___", the story of Scrooge, as told by Dickens.; 29- Absurd Shakespearean character.; 31- Surname of the author of "Middlemarch".; 32- And 33 across, novel by Leo Tolstoy.; 33- See 32 across.;
2- Countryside walker.; 3- ___ Depardieu, French actor.; 4- Small portion of strong liquor.; 5- Daughter of a sibling.; 6- Metal lager containers.; 7- Type of linen cloth.; 8- Stylish.; 11- Limpet-like.; 13- Pub game, moves quickly.; 15- Decadent.; 17- Downhiller or slalomer.; 19- Body of water between Holyhead and Dublin.; 21- Teach oneself again.; 24- Blue bellflower.; 25- Behind, when on a ship.; 27- A soft white rock.; 28- Word that can follow land, web or burial.; 30- Evergreen tree.;