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Print Puzzle - "best3" by Nic Pursey on 8/17/2007
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9- Journey one may take on London's Circle line (5,4); 10- This ol' organ was a source of pain (5); 11- Irritated by dunderhead to a point (7); 12- Could it be that we, alas, materialise? (7); 13- King's real mad ... (4); 14- ... with grief at berk running amok after hare coursing (10); 16- Play's return met with annoyance ... (7); 17- ... speech has no proportion (7); 19- Resolved to put off works dinner, initially (10); 22- Bigwigs overcome by flashy trader (4); 24- Dicky Bird did me up: I'd run out ... (7); 25- ... diminutive player, one short of double century, and carrying game (7); 26- Declares a veto on water sports initially (5); 27- I urge Neve to change her name (9);
1- Adult anger is managed with flattery and sweetness (10,5); 2- Apostle's sincere ... not! (8); 3- Students take to DIY, working in a country setting (5); 4- Bank consent to cash in your chips inside (8); 5- Crop up - as does a soft fruit (6); 6- Craft in haste? (9); 7- Operating connection to the internet (6); 8- I'm shy making contract with girl (9,6); 15- Firebrand wrecking ties to three 'Rs' (9); 17- Deprivation results from this nit! (8); 18- It's not right to crimp rope railing. Well, maybe some of it (8); 20- Walking quietly and so on ... (6); 21- Revealing it, find I go purple (6); 23- At start of show, ship's company makes use of prop (5);