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Print Puzzle - "Back Ups" by Steve Zisser on 2/7/2021
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1- When repeated, lollipop brand or type of soft-nosed bullet; 4- Lands in la mer; 8- ________ rasa (blank slate); 14- Lennon's lady; 15- What the fourth little piggy had; 16- Amazon Music Unlimited rival; 17- Actress Thurman; 18- Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia _____; 19- Singer Carey; 20- They're unlikely to see much action; 23- Little laughs; 24- Going out; 28- Do an ecdysiast's job; 29- Have a meal; 31- Fly like an eagle; 32- "The Company," in spydom; 34- Lavish celebration; 37- Former golf wunderkind Michelle; 38- The "B" team; 43- "____ Gotta Get a Message to You" (Bee Gees); 44- TV oldie, "____ & Allie"; 45- DDE's WWII assignment; 46- Rx items; 48- More an ___ than a science; 50- Pay for a chair?; 54- "The Phantom Menace," "Attack of the Clones," or "Revenge of the Sith," in the "Star Wars" canon; 57- Sabra, e.g.; 59- Thespians looking for a break; 61- Circles around Saturn, perhaps; 64- "Don't be _____!" ("Man up!"); 65- Cape in the Bay State; 66- Sweetums; 67- "Car Talk" called it "the worst car of the millennium"; 68- "Mr. Blue Sky" band, initially; 69- "Is that a fact!"; 70- Witnessed; 71- Blue stater, for short;
1- Has reservations; 2- Not seemly; 3- Unhappy camper, perhaps; 4- Very healthy; 5- Lerner's Broadway partner; 6- Protect a smartphone, e.g.; 7- "____ gut!" ("Very good," in Germany); 8- Watch that takes a licking and keeps on ticking; 9- Pioneer of arcade gaming at home; 10- Explodes; 11- Prefix for cycle or brow; 12- Grassy expanse; 13- Residue in a hearth; 21- The oldest Marx brother; 22- Taxi ticker; 25- "____ you one!" ("Greatly appreciated!"); 26- Competitor of Veet (previously, Neet); 27- Univ. seniors' tests; 30- Caption under a weight loss ad picture; 33- Org. for a D.D.S.; 35- Score that leads to extra innings.; 36- Go into, formally; 38- Lamebrain; 39- "Best. Day. ___"; 40- Let go of; 41- Like old jokes; 42- Gamete producer; 47- Knight-in-training; 49- Kimberly-Clark product; 51- Cleared for takeoff?; 52- Soccer stadium chant; 53- Solomon's attribute given to Captain Marvel/Shazam; 55- Not later than; 56- Ford flop; 58- "Exit, ____ left!"; 60- They may be caught at the beach; 61- Like every prime number but two; 62- _____ Speedwagon; 63- Baseball club;