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Print Puzzle - "Handle With Dignity" by Barb Olson on 2/1/2021
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1- Jagmeet Singh's grp.; 4- Words next to a frowny face; 9- Sad-sounding Swedish cars; 14- "___-haw!" (cry of joy); 15- Specialized target market; 16- Grandma's son who's not your dad; 17- "Honest" prez; 18- Second Commandment no-no; 20- Trend-obsessed urbanite; 22- Lowest number; 23- Howe'er; 24- Roman ___ (historical fiction novel); 27- Guinness Book endings; 28- Boy's "Not a word of a lie, I swear!"; 31- Visit, as a port; 32- T-4 I.D.s; 33- Sch. transcript stat; 36- "Aw, give it ___!"; 37- One of two in 37-Down; 38- Looks cooked, as a lobster; 40- Rx writers; 41- Actress Thurman and others; 43- "Psst, looking for me? The closet!"; 44- Moniker of noted B.C. cabinet minister McCarthy; 46- "... ___ in every garage"; 49- "___ Tag" (German greeting); 50- Daffy Duck's "s"; 51- What a perp might be on; 53- Work perk that's something to sneeze at?; 56- Highly treasonous act; 59- Music producer Brian; 60- Brand suffix with "Rice"; 61- Conrad Black's wife Barbara; 62- Prefix with pressure or puncture; 63- Totally tuckered; 64- Play Twenty Questions, say; 65- The Once-___ ("The Lorax" industrialist);
1- Gloater's taunt, when repeated; 2- Something to swipe when shopping; 3- Eye-level door openings; 4- "(If You're Not ___ for Love) I'm Outta Here!" (Shania Twain); 5- Arabian peninsula region; 6- Burn, as by intense sun; 7- Toronto Marlies rink grp.; 8- Morning moisture; 9- "I'm game"; 10- 10-Down, filled in; 11- Feels it, post-workout; 12- Second-pick roster; 13- Prof's back-to-work mos.; 19- Switch words; 21- Devil's winnings in de Burgh's "Spanish Train"; 25- Flies off the handle; 26- Barenaked Ladies song title girl; 28- "Grandma, I'm in jail, send money!" call, likely; 29- Young Oscar-winning O'Neal; 30- Not just letting sit in the attic, say; 33- Large quantity; 34- "Mayhaps," more formally; 35- "Zip- ___ -Doo-Dah"; 37- Disney bird voiced by Rowan Atkinson; 39- A not-so-ogreish ogre; 42- Underground soft rock; 43- Sparks up; 44- Dickinson of "Dragon's Den"; 45- Ogopogo's Scottish cousin; 46- Attorney-___ (shingle words); 47- Drummondville darling; 48- One with a hare-racing tale?; 52- In the centre of; 54- Car engine's 4, 6 or 8: Abbr.; 55- Word heard before the ends of 18-, 28-, 44- and 56-Across, at times; 57- Short stint; 58- Bird mentioned in "If I Had $1,000,000";