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Print Puzzle - "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by Steve Zisser on 1/10/2021
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1- Give the axe; 4- Where to find some spam; 9- "Fool me _____, shame on me"; 14- It's its own square and square root; 15- Like Sheldon and Leonard (but not Sheldon Leonard); 16- Marathon man (or woman); 17- "____ on a Grecian 48-A" (Keats work); 18- He may turn on a friend; 20- Fran and Ollie's pal; 22- Move, to an HR pro; 23- Canoodled; 26- Ford firsts; 31- _______ wait (prepares to ambush); 33- "Yum!"; 34- Provided sustenance; 36- Cutting edge; 38- Kerfuffle; 39- Ewe baby; 41- Kazakh's neighbor; 43- Arab chief; 44- Wicker willow; 46- Arab spring nation; 48- See, 17-A; 49- Put new linoleum over old; 51- These might be grabbed in an argument; 53- Requests; 55- The sound of a gentle rain; 58- Major achievement; 60- Macbeth, e.g.; 61- It may turn at the fair; 67- Mathematician's favorite dessert?; 68- Superman or Supergirl, but not Spider-Man or Spider Woman; 69- Completely eliminate; 70- Ratite in Lincoln Mutual commercials; 71- "Merrily, we roll _____"; 72- Wins by a large margin; 73- Sen."s counterpart;
1- Golfer try to get rid of them; anglers try to get more; 2- Become, eventually; 3- It may turn in the refrigerator; 4- Less in touch with reality; 5- It's less than gross; 6- "Dude!"; 7- Stench; 8- Woody tissue; 9- Vacuum tube for vintage radios and TVs; 10- Master of the one-liner; 11- Rocks to a bartender; diamonds to a fence; 12- VIP in a Fortune 500 company; 13- East end; 19- Trudge; 21- Pascal's law?; 24- Biblical twin; 25- What spinners get; 27- "Waiting for the Robert _____"; 28- It may turn pink or blue; 29- Up and about; 30- Fleeced?; 32- Prize for Einstein, Churchill and Dylan; 34- Vegetation; 35- Lightens the load; 37- Gerrymander, perhaps; 40- Actresses Arthur and Benaderet; 42- Foreign Legion headwear; 45- Going off on a tangent, musically; 47- Irks; 50- "_____ Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On the Bedpost Overnight)?"; 52- ___-di-dah; 54- Less refined; 56- Japanese cartoon genre; 57- Get ready to drive; 59- "Comin' ____ the Rye"; 61- Air traffic controllers' controller; 62- 90 degree bend; 63- Grande or Bravo; 64- Kylo ____, son of Han and Leia; 65- La mer is full of it; 66- Winter time in NYC;