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Print Puzzle - "Groucho" by Gene Antonio on 1/8/2021
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1- Showy bloom; 5- Cornered; 10- East Slavic historical region; 13- Ripsnorter; 14- Famed Memphis street; 15- Concavity; 16- Extraction of red alga; 17- Start; 18- N. Carolina liberal arts university; 19- Groucho's character in "Duck Soup"; 22- Stable mother; 24- It's "for the money"; 25- Others: Spanish; 26- Groucho in "A Night at the Opera"; 31- Takes a chance; 32- Sediment; 33- Space searching org.; 34- Metaphor for academic; 36- Long for; 40- Small wild ox; 41- Some belong in trays; 42- Groucho plays Capt. Jeffery T. Spaulding in this movie; 47- Native of an Arabian Peninsula country; 48- Calendar abbr.; 49- Jack who played Nick Yemana on "Barney Miller"; 50- Groucho plays Quincy Adams Wagstaff in this movie; 55- Prefix for diction or factor; 56- Rugged mountain ridge; 57- Not a good way to run; 60- Bio, essentially; 61- Science writer Eiseley; 62- Nothing more than; 63- Award-winning Ghanaian-American novelist ___ Gyasi; 64- United; 65- Devine or Griffith;
1- Ala. neighbor; 2- Big oaf; 3- Scaremonger; 4- Expert; 5- Teem; 6- More taut; 7- Strong, woody fiber; 8- 1st letter of Hebrew alphabet; 9- Abominable one; 10- Actor Brad in "The Client" and "Sleepers"; 11- Bare; 12- Shirt accessories; 15- Because of; 20- Chains for pocket watches; 21- Spats; 22- Diana ___ of film; 23- Play to ___ : (no victor); 27- Kind of mask; 28- Sacro follower; 29- Fixed charge; 30- ABC newsman Koppel; 34- Balin or Claire; 35- U. of Tenn football player; 36- Seek answers; 37- Some bishops; 38- Leander loved her; 39- Exxon formerly; 40- Pure Prairie League hit; 41- Part of a Moliere play; 42- Tiny shape shifter; 43- Lion Aslan's realm; 44- Small map; 45- Tainted; 46- Fruit of a sunflower, e.g.; 47- "I can't wait!"; 51- FDR's pooch; 52- God with a bow and arrows; 53- Prefix relating to flight; 54- Avatar of Hindu god Vishnu; 58- Fort ___: former Army post; 59- Skeleton or church follower;