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Print Puzzle - "The One the Only" by Steve Zisser on 1/5/2021
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1- Marvel's Vision or Star Trek:TNG's Mister Data, e.g.; 8- Crazy loon connection; 11- Major Japanese electronics company; 14- Lightning bug; 15- Say loudly and proudly; 17- And ____ (et cetera); 18- Truant's violation; 19- "____ not easy being green"; 20- Kinetic energy storage system often used in stationary bicycles; 21- Look like 63-A; 24- Car often behind a hobbyist's locomotive; 25- Some flotsam; 28- "Casablanca" cafe; 32- Bazillion years; 33- Osso buco meat; 34- Scottish Highlander; 35- We circle it once a year; 36- _____ appeal; 37- "Yes, Captain!"; 40- Bill, the Science Guy; 41- What some houses are built on; 43- Natural sunburn soother; 44- "What ____ I tell you?"; 45- Fur trader John Jacob; 47- Name of 2 different early automakers; 49- Negligent; 51- It may be honed on a whetstone; 52- Provision sought (and exploited) by a tax attorney, perhaps; 55- Winter time in Florida; 57- Ancient mariner; 58- Conspirators are said to be in them; 62- Firm, at the trattoria; 63- Marx who portrayed characters surnamed 14-A, 20-A, 25-A, 47-A and 52-A; 64- "Life is Good" rapper; 65- Mercury or Mars, but not Earth; 66- Places for arriving office mail;
1- Not fore; 2- U.S.govt.'s primary biomedical research agency; 3- "Black-ish" dad; 4- Type of pitcher; 5- "Think nothing _____!"; 6- Sorts; 7- Change color; 8- "I'll just have ______" (dieter's order at the diner, perhaps); 9- Ancient Greek seeress; 10- Unfortunately, something rarely given in a political debate; 11- _____ deaf; 12- Il ____ (Mussolini); 13- Producer of many compilation albums; 16- Baseball's Iron Horse; 20- "_____ me once, shame on you..."; 21- Black Sea port; 22- Sorts into categories; 23- Finch; 24- Cable for 26-D cable service; 26- See 24-D; 27- Quite small; 29- "Smile!. You're on ____ Camera!"; 30- One way to maliciously scratch a car; 31- Heavy hammer; 37- "How sad!"; 38- Second person; 39- Slithery swimmer; 42- Pre-zombie zombie; 43- Church recess; 46- Put back up; 47- Like the bottom of a river; 48- Go out of ones way; 50- ______ bene ("Very well" in Italian); 52- ____ shark; 53- Spanish pot; 54- Bookie's numbers; 55- Make some dough; 56- Kaput; 58- Some cinema f/x, in brief; 59- South American tuber; 60- Biblical possessive; 61- Dit-dit-dit. dah-dah-dah, dit-dit-dit to a radio operator;