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Print Puzzle - "All Keyed Up" by Barb Olson on 1/4/2021
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1- Work on an apron, maybe?; 4- Wispy clusters, as hair; 9- Mid-ranking R.C.M.P.s; 14- T.V guide "not sure yet"; 15- Dizzying painting genre; 16- ___ drugs (narcotics crackdown); 17- Instrument heard at Oktoberfest; 19- "Protest too much," on stage; 20- Feature of a Vegas "bandit"; 21- "___ Walrus" (Beatles); 22- "Dark Angel" actress Jessica; 24- Device with a ribbon and a carriage; 26- Be quietly furious; 28- Bar business?; 29- Places to go under, briefly; 30- Mowgli's mentor in "The Jungle Book"; 31- Certain acids; 34- Water passage to the Gulf of Mexico; 38- Wonderland "mad" man's headgear; 39- Guys, these days; 41- "Hometown Proud" market; 44- ___ Paulo, Brazil; 45- Blender brands; 46- Composer's written work; 50- Where hearings take place?; 51- Thingamajigs; 52- Oil or drug conglomerate; 54- Take ___ of faith; 55- School janitor, say; 58- Join (with) from an on-ramp; 59- ___-getti (Heinz canned pasta); 60- Na-Na or la-la lead-in; 61- Spanish form of "to be"; 62- Got some sense, with "up"; 63- Elizabeth who led the Green Party;
1- "One Day ___ Time" (sitcom); 2- "Anne with an E" network; 3- Tex-Mex chain with Dollar Cravings; 4- Injured a ligament, in a way; 5- Give the latest; 6- Tchaikovsky's Sugar Plum, for one; 7- Flatten heavy-footedly, with "on"; 8- VIA stop: Abbr.; 9- Colourful language, so to speak; 10- "Sweetheart" of "Jersey Shore"; 11- Ugly-sounding pretty cave; 12- Opposite of this'un; 13- Elvis-esque lip curls; 18- Painting the town; 21- Bratty demand; 22- Banned insulation material: Abbr.; 23- Dining table insert; 25- Group-mailing tool; 27- Crossword page sharers, often; 31- For one purpose, as a committee; 32- Nanny's comment; 33- Cooked mushrooms in a pan, say; 35- "No bid," in bridge; 36- In-a-perfect-world philosophy; 37- Yuk. or Nun.; 40- Slow leak sound; 41- "Sign me up!"; 42- Cunning ploys; 43- Claim vigorously; 45- "___ ramparts ..." (U.S. anthem words); 47- GIF or JPEG; 48- Eye-shaped windows; 49- Hoarse sounds; 53- Frog's fatter cousin; 55- Call from the crow's nest; 56- "I knew it!"; 57- Parliamentary thumbs-down;