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Print Puzzle - "Sports Clubs" by Steve Zisser on 12/31/2020
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1- "I've _____!" (cry of the exasperated); 6- "______ in the Crowd" (Debut film for Andy Griffith); 11- A little bit of Brylcreem; 14- Calls from the flock; 15- Find for Indiana Jones; 16- Palindromic tribe; 17- Sharks' blades?; 19- Apt letter for a crew team's fraternity?; 20- Is for many?; 21- Healthcare sub of CVS; 22- Clement's center?; 23- Pay for a chair?; 26- Noted Menlo Park family; 29- Service implement; 32- "I ____ break" (another cry of the exasperated); 33- Action Comics _____ #1 (Superman's debut); 34- Get off the fence?; 37- Some paintings that are Surreal; 40- First responder, initially; 41- Like some Xmas letters; 44- Alex Trebek or Art Fleming; 47- Alice used a flamingo in place of one of these in a lawn game; 51- Lunar cover-up?; 52- _____ Rice Burroughs; 54- Attila, e.g.; 55- Mammal with a prehensile nose; 58- "Mamma ____!"; 60- Sleep stage; 61- Swatter for "The Sultan of Swat"; 64- Dada pioneer Jean; 65- "S.N.L." alum Cheri; 66- Garlicky mayo; 67- Slow starter?; 68- Disinfectant wipe targets; 69- Explode;
1- It may mean "Funny" or "Not funny"; 2- "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's _____"; 3- Not great, not awful; 4- Tattoo, slangily; 5- When doubled, fly from Africa; 6- U.K. bottom; 7- Boba _____, "Star Wars" bounty hunter; 8- Big name in pop-up campers; 9- Insect that returns every 13 or 17 years; 10- Theologian Johann; 11- Guest who kept falling asleep at the Mad Tea-party; 12- Library; 13- Greet the villain; 18- Showed signs of boredom; 22- Titles for attys.; 24- Mancave, perhaps; 25- Any number (other than zero) raised to the zeroth power; 27- It's here, in France; 28- Dele reverser; 30- Girl of song who is "sweet as apple cider"; 31- Witch trials city; 34- "Fool me ____, shame on you..."; 35- Birds on a wire?; 36- Double dose of sugar; 38- "____ Believer"; 39- The white of the eye; 42- Newspaper ad meas.; 43- Informal assent; 45- Bygone days, in days gone by; 46- Brain test, in short; 48- The "it" in "You can't take it with you"; 49- "_____ and the Firecat" (Cat Stevens record album); 50- Comic actor Jeffrey of "Arrested Development"; 53- Middle East dough?; 56- Hair salon job; 57- Wading bird; 59- "Here, let me take a look _____"; 60- "Norma ____"; 61- Cranberry ____; 62- Igor's workspace; 63- NY college that actress Lucy should have attended;