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Print Puzzle - "Some Like it Hot" by Steve Zisser on 12/28/2020
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1- Vietnamese soups; 5- Ray that turned Bruce into the Hulk; 10- Atlanta for Delta, Phoenix for Southwest; 14- Cardinal point not part of a US state name; 15- Ryan or Tatum of the silver screen; 16- "Oh, so that's the way it is"; 17- West Coast gasoline brand; 18- On edge; 19- Plant from spores; 20- Movie about hot wheels?; 23- Collective term for female seals; 24- Pay to play; 25- A little bit of shut-eye; 27- Many, many, mos.; 28- "____, hiss!"; 31- Dauntless; 33- Corn _____ (machines behind the snack counter); 37- Black cat or shooting star, to some; 38- Movie about hot sleeping arrangements?; 41- Type of hygiene; 42- Part of a heartbeat; 43- Singer LeAnn; 45- Org. for attys.; 46- Junkyard dog; 49- One of the jewels in the MLB Triple Crown; 50- "Put a tiger in your tank" brand; 54- Peter of Herman's Hermits; 56- Movie about hot seats?; 60- Type of sax; 61- La Scala locale; 62- The ___ Clark Five; 63- Lowly laborer; 64- ____ can of worms; 65- Barbara who played Jeannie; 66- Feudal laborer; 67- Relatives of dweebs and dorks; 68- Tirade, or deliver one;
1- _____ keen; 2- Sarcastic laugh; 3- "Ben-Hur" won 11; 4- Mall unit; 5- "______ the Head of the Class"; 6- Work without ____; 7- Group of wise guys; 8- Secret society member; 9- Hang ____ (turn west when going north); 10- Platter player than played The Platters; 11- Logon need; 12- Deprived of loved ones; 13- Rep.'s counterpart; 21- Words on Newhart's ID badge; 22- Second mo.; 26- Bic product; 29- "Bloom County" penguin; 30- Grand Ole ____; 32- Terrycloth garment; 33- Brazil's onetime soccer superstar; 34- Cannot center; 35- Actress Moreno; 36- One who looks down on the hoi polloi; 38- Fuzzy "Star Trek" creatures; 39- Founding Father of Broadway?; 40- Pancreas or thyroid; 41- Hockey Hall-of-Famer Bobby; 44- See 51-D; 46- Pina _____; 47- Like some parallel bars; 48- Forwarded email; 51- With 42-D, a follow the leader game; 52- ______ hunt (Fool's errand); 53- Leering type; 55- Way more out there; 57- Best of the best; 58- Makeup of some castles; 59- Santa ____ (meteorological phenomena); 60- Mighty Joe Young or King Kong;