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Print Puzzle - "When the Whistle Blows" by Barb Olson on 12/26/2020
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1- "Get a room!" elicitor; 4- Overturns; 10- Bottom-left keyboard key; 14- Article for Angela Merkel; 15- Saint-___ (Quebec town near Saguenay); 16- Part of HOMES; 17- Prefix meaning "bird"; 18- Ship's water storage unit; 20- "Vicious" info; 22- What calls the kettle black; 23- "War and Peace" has 1225: Abbr.; 24- Preparing for a blowout sale; 28- Look (at) longingly, and longly; 29- Susan with a Partridge Family role; 30- Israeli-made spray gun; 31- "Duck Hunt" console; 32- "Shoo!"; 34- Harry ___ (Canadian suit maker); 36- On a Tinder date, say; 38- ___ Qs (manners); 40- King Cole and others; 41- Coastal city: Abbr.; 44- "I'm thinking" sounds; 45- Took gold; 46- "Comin' ___ the Rye"; 47- Dormed facility for preppy teens; 52- "___War" (Shatner sci-fi series); 53- Absorbed, as a loss; 54- Ineligible for the kiddie meal; 55- Seeing pink elephants, so to speak; 59- Spanish uncle; 60- Spot ___ ("cuppa"); 61- Got through one's head; 62- Alphabetic sixth; 63- One with a burning desire?; 64- Writer's wrongs; 65- Hockey game whistle blower related to this puzzle's theme;
1- Airport named for a prime minister; 2- Don't keep mum; 3- "Some people talk to ___. Not many listen though. That's the problem." (A.A. Milne); 4- Muttered agreement; 5- Indian breakfast bread; 6- Bigger picture: Abbr.; 7- Partner of Wynken and Blynken; 8- Leaking a bit, as a tap; 9- Man of La Mancha; 10- This or that, to Thérèse; 11- Cirque du Soleil swing; 12- Wants to answer on a quiz show; 13- Albanian bills; 19- Sporty VW model; 21- Suffix with gluc- or fruct-; 25- "Fargo" setting: Abbr.; 26- Take advantage of, as a sale; 27- Astrologist's edge; 32- Blue-bonneted bundle; 33- Newfoundland catch; 34- Sarge's charge: Abbr.; 35- Villain finisher?; 36- ___ conniption (freaks); 37- Da ___ (Vietnam port); 38- "Hair in Funny Places" topic; 39- More hickory-flavoured; 41- Hockey goal scorer, e.g.; 42- One side of the abortion debate; 43- Gave a piece of one's mind; 45- Dog food?; 46- Nevertheless, in short; 48- Genre of K'naan and k-os; 49- Scrabble verb ender, maybe; 50- Evel act?; 51- Flower pot clay, with "terra"; 52- 'Vette roof option; 56- Kung ___ chicken (stir-fry dish); 57- Long-jawed fish; 58- Man-mouse connection;