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Print Puzzle - "Shore Things" by Steve Zisser on 12/23/2020
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1- Like SEALs or Green Berets; 6- Struggle for breath; 10- ____ Bell; 14- “Contrariwise,' continued Tweedledee, 'if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's _____"; 15- Utah ski resort; 16- King of comedy, once; 17- Reside; 18- Shore thing to hear the ocean roar; 20- Self-_________ (confidence); 22- Words before par or snuff; 23- It's here, in Quebec; 24- Shore thing built that is built as a pail image of a royal residence; 26- "Sometimes you feel like a ____..."; 27- Company number; 28- Har-____ tennis courts; 29- Raise up; 31- Cotton thread; 33- Key with many functions; 34- Shore thing for shade; 39- Front-line Covid-19 fighters; 40- What stadium sitting is built in; 41- Making short notes; 45- ___-chi; 46- Green Bay's state, briefly; 49- Like this clue; abbr.; 50- Shore thing for refreshments; 53- Letters for old dates; 54- Ascent, in Asti; 55- It comes between Romeo and Tango; 56- Shore thing for a stroll; 59- Gloomy to a bard; 60- Sade or Cher; 61- Take ___ (catch some Zs); 62- High scorer in golf; 63- Risk/____ ratio (investment consideration); 64- Swerves at sea; 65- Organic compounds;
1- Sly, vis-a-vis the Family Stone; 2- "Both the high and the ______ it the same way"; 3- "______ kick from champagne"; 4- Like many bathroom floors; 5- Like a "Jeopardy!" champion's knowledge; 6- Teslas forgo it; 7- Alaskan islander; 8- Rice or bread, for instance; 9- Pink, mauve, or baby blue, e.g.; 10- Tesla's main rival, initially; 11- Everything considered; 12- "Oh! ______!" (shocking revue when it premiered in 1969); 13- Like some training; 19- Defraud, slangily; 21- Where many a mallow may grow; 25- "Star Trek" helmsman; 30- Actors Kilmer and Bisoglio; 31- Where nice guys finish; 32- Expert in CPR; 34- Vegetable that looks like a little tree; 35- Implores; 36- "Every dog gets one _____" (proverb of common law); 37- Brings up; 38- "Spamalot" playwright; 41- Kareem Abdul-_____; 42- Did a whack job?; 43- Major force in the Winter Olympics; 44- Aced the exam; 46- Would that it ______ simple; 47- Where shekels are spent; 48- Bart, Brenda and Ringo; 51- NBC courtroom drama, 1986-1994; 52- Long-legged wader; 57- "M*A*S*H" soldier; 58- Army potato peelers;