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Print Puzzle - "What's Your Hang-up" by Barb Olson on 12/21/2020
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1- Part of U.S.S.R: Abbr.; 4- Cabbage sides; 9- Canadian survey issuer; 14- CBC film critic Glasner; 15- Really bother; 16- Cracker box fig.; 17- Rx writers; 18- What a client with overdue bills might get?; 20- Needing more road salt; 22- Cheek swab destination; 23- Kiosk that sells iOS's and Androids?; 26- Marlin or Met, for short; 29- Squared for the rounds later; 30- "Leave Fluffy and Fido at home"; 32- Photo finishes?; 33- Prepare to sing "O Canada"; 36- Smartens (up); 37- Queue to get into a rave?; 40- "C'est ___!"; 43- Musher's vehicle; 44- A, in Argentina; 47- Windsor-born Twain; 49- Conk out; 52- Damp and musty; 53- Gesture that says, "I'll be with you shortly"?; 56- Needs no more work on; 58- Nary a soul; 59- Sheets of an ancient manuscript?; 63- JVC competitor; 64- Dig discovery; 65- Wail when a whimper will do, say; 66- French plural possessive; 67- Ginger ___ (biscuits); 68- Halloween costume with a crystal ball; 69- Blended levy in Atl. Canada;
1- Not quite a major-leaguer; 2- "My good fellow"; 3- "Seeing things" things; 4- Victoria's ___ (lingerie chain); 5- ___ -tse of Taoism; 6- "The Pond" crossed to the U.K.; 7- He's often found in kid's books; 8- Surgical tube; 9- Wordwide: Abbr.; 10- Gooey, nut-topped dessert; 11- Nativity scene settings; 12- A.A. Milne know-it-all; 13- Abbr. on a Cardinal's cap; 19- "Let It Snow" lyricist Sammy; 21- Faline's mother, in "Bambi"; 24- Funny lady Roseanne; 25- Last writes?; 27- Sunny season, in Qu├ębec; 28- Blog feed inits.; 31- Completely cream; 34- Word division: Abbr.; 35- Mournful poem; 37- Notice to clean out one's desk; 38- Start to a vowel string; 39- Wedding exchange; 40- "Dropped" acid; 41- "I knew it!"; 42- One third of Neapolitan ice cream; 44- Canada, from the States; 45- Subtle variations; 46- No less than; 48- Take ___ (react to applause); 50- '50s sexologist Alfred; 51- Fifth word of "American Pie"; 54- Remove from a clothesline; 55- Sleazy; 57- Extensions of Word files; 59- Decade divs.; 60- Nightfall, poetically; 61- U.S. Republican grp.; 62- Out-of-this-world characters;