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Print Puzzle - "Such Vowel Language!" by Barb Olson on 11/19/2020
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1- Ad-libber's lack; 7- Urging at a keg party; 11- Take your pick; 14- "Ditto that"; 15- "Uh-huh, uh-huh" sayer, say; 17- What the crazy equestrian had?; 19- Yearly, with "per"; 20- It can be a stretch for a celeb; 21- Objections that are tweeted out?; 27- ___ Tin Tin (TV dog); 28- Thesis writer's aim; 29- Dior rival, initially; 30- "Crushed" fabrics; 32- China Lily ___ sauce; 34- "Star Wars" droid's surname; 35- "The web crawlers have been deactivated"?; 41- Farley who wrote of the Arctic; 42- Mrs. Mulroney; 44- French farewell at dusk; 47- "Mamma ___!"; 50- Fireworks flop; 51- Guadalajara gold; 52- Plays a wet Halloween game for money?; 55- React to yeast, as buns; 57- "... woman who lived in ___"; 58- Strict conditions for a vampire lover?; 65- Call when the phone rings; 66- Less likely to speak up; 67- Aide to Napoleon; 68- "What are ___ do?"; 69- Long exam questions;
1- Sis to a bro; 2- 401, to Flavius; 3- Break down, in a way; 4- Hip joint, after "where"; 5- Like the top of a dunce cap; 6- 1,000-kilogram weights; 7- Do better on the charts; 8- Max stovetop settings; 9- Flash drive PC port; 10- Verizon, once; 11- Scoring goal after goal, say; 12- Home builder's document; 13- Fitting room activities; 16- 90-degree pipe; 18- Lose one's cookies; 21- Charmin and Purex, for short; 22- "Hold it, horse!"; 23- Pastoral poem; 24- Something in the eye; 25- Prefix meaning "four"; 26- ___ gin fizz (bar order); 31- "This bird wouldn't ___ if you put four million volts through it!" (Monty Python); 33- Handouts "for the poor"; 34- "Spring ahead" clock hrs.; 36- Utter dufus; 37- What Mommy kisses better; 38- Mini pie; 39- Phone company with a doghouse logo; 40- Goof up; 43- Pop-up annoyances; 44- "___ the U.S.A." (Springsteen hit); 45- Bird on a Baltimore cap; 46- In an exceedingly curious manner; 47- The "m" of E=mc2; 48- Like private nursing care, often; 49- Loves to pieces; 53- "It's ___ say but ..." ("Alas"); 54- Beaupré bambinos; 56- Alphabet trio; 59- Make a mend; 60- Ended a hunger strike; 61- Little louse; 62- Alias letters; 63- Miss Pym's creator Josephine; 64- C.P.P. recipients;