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Print Puzzle - "Hoop Dreams" by Frank Virzi on 11/16/2020
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1- Sea near Stockholm; 7- Crackers; 11- Entrepreneur's deg.; 14- U.F.O. crew; 15- Sheltered, at sea; 16- Rhein feeder; 17- Washington Nats' div.; 18- Least abundant; 20- Carnival game in which a suit is worn; 22- Balanced states; 23- Macao money; 24- Commedia dell'___; 25- Kitt who played Catwoman on TV; 26- "If memory serves," in text shorthand; 28- Ave. crossers; 30- Seed covering; 31- Enter quickly; 34- Dollar bill, e.g.; 37- Set up, as software; 39- Be a no-show in court; 42- Weather map lines; 46- Give ___ to Cerberus; 47- Freddy Krueger's street; 49- Robert De ___; 50- Mythical Aegean Sea dweller; 53- "Brave New World" drug; 56- "___ Ba Yah" (campfire song); 57- "Them's fightin' words!"; 58- Reason for rhinoplasty; 60- Crockett's last stand; 62- Classic theater name; 63- Furnace fuel; 64- Hit hard; 65- Subway immortalized in an Ellington song; 66- Online feed initials; 67- Medical suffix; 68- Title girl in a Chuck Berry hit;
1- Quick but temporary fix; 2- Deposits of a sort; 3- Some claimants; 4- Heavy, durable furniture wood; 5- Prefix with gram or matic; 6- Cool red giant; 7- What the starts of 20-, 34-, 39-, and 58-Across describe; 8- European skyline sight; 9- Josh; 10- Sealy rival; 11- Baton wielder; 12- Single, for one; 13- Place to buy a landscape; 19- Susan of "Atlantic City"; 21- Some Windows systems; 27- Tribe around Lake Superior; 29- Mineo of "Exodus"; 32- Having five sharps, musically; 33- Eavesdropping org.; 35- Viet Cong org.; 36- Plop preceder; 38- Bit of business attire; 39- Certain mop wielder; 40- "Here's something that'll help"; 41- Tasty mouthfuls; 43- Composer Rimsky-Korsakov; 44- Give the benefit of the doubt; 45- "___ to Watch Over Me"; 48- Dairy farm sound; 51- "___ say it is good to fall": Whitman, "Song of Myself"; 52- Produces a sketch; 54- "Happy Days" actress Erin; 55- Japanese dog; 59- Source of a fragrant oil; 61- It follows April in Paris;