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Print Puzzle - "Strike Five" by Barb Olson on 11/12/2020
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1- It can carry some punch; 6- Explosive expletive; 11- Second degrees, for short; 14- To no ___ (fruitless); 15- Sporty Camaros named for a car race; 16- Author's rep: Abbr.; 17- Financial worry on a shopping spree, maybe; 19- Ship's pronoun; 20- Spreads on a table; 21- Budget Rent ___; 22- Olympian's goal, in Barcelona; 24- Face-down, fetal-like asana; 28- Down jacket asset; 31- Be-be filler, for Hamlet; 32- Return key's updated name; 33- Glides easily into, as a topic; 35- Bad luck, to smokers lighting up; 39- Accuse of being a liar; 40- Bookish brother in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"; 42- Ensure the job gets done; 45- Kind of, after "in"; 46- Guitar sound common in punk rock; 49- "'preciate it," in a text; 50- Battery filler; 51- Playful hair rub; 54- "Steal My Sunshine" band from Toronto; 55- Flight, hotel and meals all in one; 60- Pressurized fuel, for short; 61- Laundry room sock "eater"; 62- Group once headed by Isaac Asimov; 63- His, her or its: Fr.; 64- Gets worn, as denim?; 65- Like a short do, in style mags;
1- Workplace for Igor; 2- Actress Gardner; 3- What Toronto's Bloor becomes, east of Yonge; 4- Post positive; 5- Mandela portrayer Idris; 6- X-rated movie fare, to some; 7- "The Godfather" thug Luca; 8- Ball, buff or bass ending; 9- 1200, in old Rome; 10- Mad cow disease: Abbr.; 11- Mick E. Moose of the Winnipeg Jets, e.g.; 12- Simply mortified; 13- Vital feature of a teen's car; 18- "Moses" author Sholem; 21- Last Supper invitee; 22- Have a figure on Line 485 of a tax return; 23- Rick Mercer shtick, for one; 25- Canada's highest mountain; 26- Ringo beats it; 27- Tiptoes (in); 29- Was deserving of; 30- A little earth shaking; 33- Go ___ (take a nasty turn); 34- An official lang. of Uganda; 36- Of ___ proportions; 37- Snack bars; 38- ___ money (kind of bribe); 41- F or M on a driver's license; 42- Ore fragments; 43- Epoch when mammals appeared; 44- "Dallas" clan; 45- "What ___ is perpetually on the wrong side of" (door definition, to Ogden Nash); 47- Hitting the right note; 48- Pride meeting calls; 52- Jewellery stones; 53- Thing that comes to a head?; 55- Adobe Reader file; 56- Touch down or pull in: Abbr.; 57- Chatroom "Peace out"; 58- Word after smart or kick; 59- Build a nest egg?;