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Print Puzzle - "Beware the Rides" by Gene Antonio on 11/7/2020
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1- Many a Muslim; 5- It's not a bear; 10- Farm sight; 14- Stick in the mud; 15- Stop, as a claim, by legal means; 16- Got a 100; 17- New York sch.; 18- Muskegs contain them; 19- Benny Goodman needed one; 20- Low on funds at a drive-in movie?; 23- Pull: French; 24- Times when groups meet, as legislatures: abbr.; 25- Snitch; 27- Main artery; 31- Thick lentil soup; 34- Celebrations featuring strong wine?; 39- Shield of Zeus and Athena: Var.; 41- Way to go; 42- City in Uttar Pradesh; 43- Bloodthirsty "Simpsons" character?; 46- Sound investment; 47- Planet's path; 48- Symbol of strength; 50- Took five; 55- In Greek myth, Jason's wife; 59- Info falling in droplets?; 62- Stride; 63- Mythical giant with a hundred eyes; 64- Wikipedia's has missing pieces; 65- Pseudonym of Romain de Tirtoff; 66- McGuire behind the plate; 67- Fall site; 68- Prevaricated; 69- City on the Ruhr; 70- Count on;
1- It's necessary; 2- Hindu sage; 3- Tanks and such; 4- Porter; 5- Military cap; 6- Signs; 7- Let up; 8- Groundwork for plaster; 9- British bums; 10- Florida city; 11- Bakery worker; 12- National emblem of Wales; 13- "How ___!"; 21- Word with speed or sand; 22- Expensive; 26- Unit of pressure; 28- Capital of Latvia; 29- Semester; 30- Pronto; 31- Band with hit "Whip It"; 32- Thickening agent; 33- It's not good to be out on one; 35- Spawn; 36- Old boat; 37- School org.; 38- Streamlined; 40- Having an abundance of energy; 44- Rock duo with album "Taking A Cold Look"; 45- Press down; 49- He formulated the laws of planetary motion; 51- Gin; 52- Some London flats; 53- Does some yard work; 54- Coating of fine crystals on rock; 56- Electronic component with two electrodes; 57- Georgia who played Georgette on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"; 58- Extreme pain; 59- Delhi wrap; 60- Long-winged bird of prey; 61- Fictitious river in J.R.R. Tolkien stories; 62- Hair styling product;