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Print Puzzle - "Stripes" by Gene Antonio on 10/8/2020
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1- Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu ___; 5- Hebrew month; 9- Word with bay or cult; 14- Brink; 15- Prefix with cab or cure; 16- Arab leaders; 17- Hibernia; 18- Most bills; 19- Chuck Connors' character on TV's "The Rifleman"; 20- Strip centered on the Wallet family; 23- Can do; 24- Needs to be paid; 25- His son's name is Alexander Hamilton; 33- Having irregularly notched edges; 34- Before once; 35- Wife of Shiva in Hindu myth; 36- Wordless; 37- Way to make smooth; 41- Speedy flyer; 42- Bible book following Amos: abbr.; 44- Dr. of rap; 45- Dueling weapons; 47- Comic strip "holiday"; 51- Miracle-___; 52- Cyber-education platform acronym; 53- Hal Foster's hero; 59- Go on and on and on; 60- Plexus; 61- Rent; 63- Gaucho's throwing weapon; 64- What the nose knows; 65- Colorful bulb; 66- Cereal grain; 67- "My love to thee is sound, ___ crack or flaw": Shakespeare; 68- He dreamed up 47-Across;
1- Joey of the Starliters; 2- How Maynard G. Krebs says he understands; 3- City on the Yamuna river; 4- They pivot up and down; 5- Mythical Greek twin of Artemis; 6- Said it wasn't so; 7- Southern Yemen seaport; 8- Partner of shine; 9- Thickened skin; 10- Charms; 11- Texas university; 12- Gloomy; 13- Former spy org.; 21- Wind instruments; 22- Madison Ave. denizens; 25- Some song recordings; 26- Island vacation destination; 27- Become crazy; 28- Dampen; 29- Geller with spoons; 30- Let up; 31- In a tizzy; 32- Silly; 38- For a particular purpose; 39- Gun org.; 40- MENSA material; 43- Kind of watch or camera; 46- Of a muscle of the loin; 48- Antarctic explorer Shackleton; 49- Michael or Buster; 50- Goldbricks; 53- Sustain (with "up"); 54- Abnormal sounds in the chest; 55- Greek god of love; 56- Sanskrit religious text; 57- Mrs. Nick Charles; 58- Guilt or nostalgia follower; 59- Home of "Frontline"; 62- Sixth sense;