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Print Puzzle - "Choose A Clue" by Gene Antonio on 9/18/2020
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1- Existing in reality; 7- Window or head follower; 11- Pop; 14- Zoroastrian sacred text; 15- Helper; 16- Doctors org.; 17- Glitter on a chess piece, or TV preacher?; 19- Gerard or Hodges; 20- Bando at the hot corner; 21- Lion's digs; 22- Five-star; 23- Prot. denom.; 25- Pick up; 27- Extent; 28- Non-clotting blood components; 30- Acting teacher, or early public conveyance?; 32- Gillette ___ II; 33- Range of knowledge; 34- Charles Trenet's song "La ___"; 35- Had too much (with "it"); 37- Acquires knowledge; 41- ___ Kippur; 42- Charitable org. serving the military; 43- Not too long; 44- Seedy dance halls, or parts of car suspension system?; 48- River of eastern England; 49- "... had a farm, ___"; 50- Picked; 52- Word in a marriage announcement; 53- Not a gator; 54- Filly or colt; 55- Plus; 57- River on eastern edge of France; 58- Canine canine, or checked fabric pattern?; 62- Greenwood or Grant; 63- Welcome weather word; 64- To some it's supper; 65- Miss no longer; 66- Ransom Eli of auto industry; 67- Spirited horses;
1- ___B: (Rhyme scheme of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"); 2- CDXXIV divided by IV; 3- Parts of mosaics; 4- New Deal agency designed for providing affordable houses, initially; 5- Bikini, for one; 6- It requires sitting; 7- Certain desert dweller; 8- In a hurry; 9- River to the Baltic; 10- Pokey; 11- Buddhist shrine; 12- Of a nitrogen-containing compound; 13- 4th letter of Hebrew alphabet; 18- Scheduled; 22- With tenderness, in music; 23- Concerning; 24- Media mogul Griffin; 26- Language of indigenous circumpolar people; 27- They may be high, low, or both; 29- Plastic type; 31- Adorn; 36- Martial arts training room; 37- "___ by Ginger" (Children's animated TV series); 38- First of ten, usually; 39- Big name in speakers; 40- Old blade; 42- Lets go of; 44- Soothe; 45- Less stuffy; 46- Movie director Sergio and family; 47- "___ care less"; 51- "Weird Al" Yankovic song; 54- Thwart; 56- Nary a soul; 58- Medical insurance letters; 59- '60s leftist org.; 60- Mack of "The Original Amateur Hour"; 61- Mins. make them;