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Print Puzzle - "Interpreting the Weather" by Barb Olson on 9/15/2020
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1- Open, as a bolted door; 6- Whispered "over here!"; 10- Jumble puzzle, e.g.: Abbr.; 14- Souvenir stuffie from Down Under; 15- Raise, as children; 16- ___ de boeuf; 17- Forecast for a late-night partyer?; 20- Prepare for spring, as a springer; 21- Singing B flat instead of B, say; 22- "Life of Pi" director Lee; 23- Born-in-a-barn type; 25- Henrik's hockey twin; 27- Forecast for one with a hectic schedule?; 32- Confronted; 33- Take another I.O.U. from; 34- Albania's currency; 35- Mongolia's Ulan ___; 36- Ewe might say that?; 39- Thuggish louts; 41- Parts in a how-to guide; 43- Forecast for bridal partygoers in the sticks?; 47- Strongly regret; 48- "You want the light ___ off?"; 49- Harsh soap substance; 50- Giller Prize-winning Joseph; 54- Tolled hwys.; 57- Forecast for one with a case of gas?; 60- "Garfield" drooler; 61- "Kubla___" (Coleridge); 62- "I ___ an animal!"; 63- Block colour in a "mots croisés"; 64- Baseball's "Slammin' Sammy"; 65- Mil. groups;
1- Lei-wearer's strings, briefly; 2- Trevor of "The Daily Show"; 3- Without a saddle; 4- "Finished everything!"; 5- Word with X or UV; 6- Campus lecturer, for short; 7- One doing the lord's work?; 8- Put in a pocket, in pool; 9- Attempted to get; 10- "Evita" setting: Abbr.; 11- "That's cheating!"; 12- Make-up person?; 13- Like teenaged girls, stereotypically; 18- "Encore!"; 19- Spiral-horned antelope; 24- Anal and the some, for short; 26- "The Flying ___" (old sitcom); 27- Lions' and Redblacks' grp.; 28- "Some ___ meat ..." (Burns); 29- Speechify; 30- Honoured at a party; 31- At ___ for words; 35- Sitting areas; 36- Drinking game involving cups and a ball; 37- A 30-day mo.; 38- Braying beast; 39- Wheat: Fr.; 40- Told about for feedback; 41- Blue-bonneted babe; 42- Take a second to love?; 43- Unjustly obtained; 44- Agree at the altar; 45- "Damien: ___" (1978 sequel); 46- Hägar the Horrible's daughter; 51- B.C. national park named for the Cree word for "awe"; 52- Ancestry specimens; 53- Bart's teacher Krabappel; 55- Hair snag; 56- Concorde jets, for short; 58- "Obviously!," to a teen; 59- Pothole-filling goo;