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Print Puzzle - "Insect Invasion" by Barb Olson on 9/9/2020
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1- Key with three sharps: Abbr.; 5- Shroud of gloom; 9- Big bacon blocks; 14- Merry Christmas sound; 15- Understanding words; 16- "___ is a gift. That's why they call it the present." (Bill Keane); 17- Village with just a single equine-biting insect?; 20- Modern putdown; 21- "Canadian Mint" record maker; 22- Dr. Mom's offering; 23- Stormy weather trend, with "la"; 25- Weekend lover's cry; 27- Like drinks bought by a generous buzzing insect?; 32- Global ring fighters' org.; 34- Tegan and ___ (singing twins); 35- Swimming phenom Michael; 36- NATO alphabet starter; 38- Amts. that may be "fluid"; 40- Theatre balcony box; 41- With Portage Ave. it forms "the crossroads of Canada"; 44- The Maritimes, with "down"; 47- Train unit; 48- Lactic liquid produced by monarch insects?; 51- Happily-after link; 52- Japanese noodles; 53- Get an ___ (ace, as a test); 56- "The Walking Dead" girl since Season 5; 58- Suppressed, as feelings; 62- Amiable glowing insect?; 65- Big-eyed barn baby; 66- Git through yer noggin; 67- Zap with light; 68- Dorkish; 69- Hosiery hangup; 70- Window blind strip;
1- Chips ___! (cookies); 2- "The kissing disease"; 3- "I'm here too, you know"; 4- The "J" of J.S. Bach; 5- Fish thought to be ferocious; 6- Blockhead; 7- Scallion's bigger cousin; 8- Bequeathed in a will; 9- In vogue, or in "Vogue"; 10- Subdivision division; 11- Just ___ on the map (teeny); 12- Cry like a baby; 13- Align in time; 18- Leaves off the list; 19- Get a ___ (gain an edge); 24- Bubbly chocolate bar; 26- Get touchy?; 27- "Oh, come ___!" ("Get real!"); 28- Off-brown eye colour; 29- Mass mass; 30- U.S. club for women with clubs; 31- Belgian battlesite river; 32- Rhythmic bit, in poetry; 33- Blue, in Berlin; 37- Deserve a deal, maybe; 39- Articulates; 42- Three score and ten; 43- Be much tweeted-about; 45- Ignoring Weedless Wednesday, say; 46- River of Rome; 49- Petticoat trimmings; 50- Flag pin places; 53- In ___ (confused); 54- "... as a team, ___ will die as individuals" ("Any Given Sunday"); 55- Aswan Dam river; 57- Actress Cannon; 59- Nonstick baking brand; 60- "Play it, Sam" speaker; 61- Rasputin's refusal; 63- Cartoon squeal; 64- Monk's title;