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Print Puzzle - "Don't Be Shy" by Barb Olson on 7/29/2020
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1- Words-per-minute reducer; 5- Slugger's times up; 11- Bottom-rung rank: Abbr.; 14- You can make a pile of it as a barber; 15- Like a used blackboard eraser; 16- Atop, in poems; 17- "Hmmm ... I think not"; 18- *Musical based on "The Matchmaker"; 20- A miner character in a fairy tale?; 21- The Rankin Family fellow; 22- Pops, to a toddler; 23- *Candy bar named after a little boy; 25- Nixes, as a mission; 27- Duds to don; 28- Explosion of language?; 29- Fuss in front of a mirror; 32- Hole: Fr.; 33- "Spelled with an ___ in 'echo'"; 36- Ending for each answer to the starred clues; 40- Enzyme ending; 41- Not fit for a prude; 42- Like pre-washed clothing; 43- Mil. top brass; 45- True, to Trudeau, at times; 47- Wanders off track; 49- Approaching; 52- Was outstanding, in a way; 53- Filled with wordplay; 54- 3rd son of Eliz. II; 56- Narrates an audiobook; 59- Sound of an air kiss; 60- Sleeper's dream phase; 61- *Musical with a Twist?; 62- "Right back ___" ("Ditto"); 63- A CFL field has 110; 64- Eagles's "Take ___"; 65- Suffix with micro-;
1- Dull-sounding landing; 2- *Google rival; 3- Be too tight, as a girdle; 4- Acapulco gold; 5- Feeling it, after a workout; 6- Hubby's "old lady"; 7- Like weather sought by snowbirds; 8- Wartime partner; 9- Ring ruling, for short; 10- Barrett of Pink Floyd; 11- Creature on a toonie; 12- Grazing land of Africa; 13- "___ I might, I just can't ..."; 19- NBA's Lamarr; 21- *U.S. game show whose host is from Sudbury; 24- Web file format, for short; 25- "Peek-___!"; 26- Where a map maker draws the line; 28- "Good" day of Easter: Abbr.; 29- ___ soup (dense fog); 30- They're filled at the pharm.; 31- Dairy Queen offerings; 32- Msg. machine for the deaf; 34- Easel-toter's class; 35- Kind of blue?; 37- Pop/rock phenom Bruno; 38- Cool units in hot times: Abbr.; 39- Ovid's 1,003; 44- Anti-D.U.I. grp.; 45- Event locales; 46- Became empty, as a well; 47- *Board game cousin of Parcheesi; 48- Woven suit fabric; 49- Milan's Porta ___ (futuristic district); 50- Freshly hired at; 51- Down Under how-dos; 53- Bend at the barre; 55- *"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" group; 57- "Yes, ___ heard"; 58- Spacebar neighbour; 59- It has no Windows;