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Print Puzzle - "Mayberry's Folks" by Steve Zisser on 7/26/2020
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1- Cartoonist ____ Addams; 5- One way to pay your debts; 9- Eye or ear; 14- Monopoly collection; 15- Woody's son; 16- Onetime ABC exec Arledge; 17- He co-starred with Rogers and Stevenson; 18- Tush; 19- _____ one (words on a ticket); 20- Mayberry's tonsorial artist; 23- TV's Mork and ALF; 24- He doesn't let the bull get to him; 25- "The _____ Sanction" (1975 movie of the 1972 novel by the same name); 27- Takes in the crops; 30- "______ Lizards!" (Little Orphan Annie's catchphrase); 33- Tom Seaver, notably; 36- Dwarf with signs of COVID-19?; 38- Use a keyboard; 39- Shared values; 41- Sporting goods retailer, initially; 42- Religion of the Koran; 43- Measure of earthly gravity; 44- "_____, tune in, drop out"; 46- Tokyo, before it was Tokyo; 47- The carpenter's dining companion; 49- Sell at a high profit; 51- Big buttes; 53- Not lag behind; 57- Place for a mani-pedi; 59- Mayberry's lovable stone thrower; 62- Woody, not related to 15-A; 64- What the nose knows; 65- Super Mario _____; 66- "Watchman" creator Alan; 67- Garfield's canine foil; 68- The other side of this puzzle; 69- Growth _____; 70- "The Handmaid's ______"; 71- Pitchers' prides;
1- It can follow water or air; 2- "You had me at _____"; 3- Flexible conjunction; 4- One with endurance; 5- Lots of people get one when the purchase an automobile; 6- Geometrician's calculation; 7- Picnic side; 8- Mr. Ed or Silver; 9- Navel carrier?; 10- "Twilight Zone" host Serling; 11- He left Mayberry for the Marines; 12- "I've got _____ to pick with you" ("We have some issues"); 13- Takes deductions from gross; 21- Purchase for Barbie; 22- Like rags at the service station; 26- Sign at the greasy-spoon; 28- "From Hawaii to the shores of ____" ("Surfin' Safari" lyric); 29- They have crystal balls; 31- Tablet with many uses; 32- "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" captain; 33- Feline's line; 34- Sicilian volcano; 35- The woman who was behind the man known as Barney Fife; 37- 97% of US pennies; 40- Shrek, for one; 42- Cove or bay; 44- Peter or Paul; not Mary; 45- Acorn producer; 48- Early on-line discussion forum; 50- Little rock; 52- Schnozzola; 54- Kitchen gadget; 55- Informally, the country known for its stars and stripes; 56- Starts of rest cheaters' communications; 57- ____ Club (Costco competitor); 58- Sound of an Alka-Seltzer hitting the water; 60- Icelandic saga; 61- Where to plant plants; 63- Write rite for right, e.g.;