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Print Puzzle - "Cool!" by Barb Olson on 7/24/2020
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1- "Kim's Convenience" network; 4- Casting a warm light; 9- ___ crow flies; 14- 60 "minuti"; 15- Fibrous body scrubber: Var.; 16- Expressed wonder, in a way; 17- Cool little canine?; 19- Sprained arm support; 20- Crater maker, maybe; 21- Nobody special, grammatically; 23- Fairy tale beginning; 24- Unedited text: Abbr.; 25- Cool cigar enthusiast?; 28- FBI agents, for short; 30- Stylist's shady offer?; 31- Relayed disturbing news; 34- Sine's reciprocal, in trig; 37- Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon on "The Simpsons"; 40- Cool substitutes?; 43- Taurus's season: Abbr.; 44- 8th Greek letter; 45- Low-down joint; 46- Come ___ surprise; 48- South American burrower; 50- Cool ball player behind home plate?; 54- As-new condition; 58- Dirty look?; 59- "Hug, hug, hug" by mail; 60- Bitcoin, e.g.; 62- Machu Pichu's range; 64- Cool sideshow attraction?; 66- "Uncle Tom's Cabin" writer; 67- BBC sci-fi time-traveller; 68- Line on a road map: Abbr.; 69- Kim's rap-star beau; 70- Knighted Canadian physician; 71- Lisped esses;
1- Jerry's sitcom neighbour Kramer; 2- Curling showdown sponsored by Tim Hortons; 3- Prickly pears, e.g.; 4- Chow chow; 5- Haitian monetary unit; 6- Hack (off); 7- King ___ (Michael Jackson); 8- "The Great" Gretzky; 9- Twelve-Step mtgs.; 10- Bar with a hitching post out front; 11- Brainstorming group; 12- "Thus" relative; 13- Fenceline grass trimmer; 18- Big beer bash; 22- Lauder of beauty; 26- Man with "un neveu"; 27- Nova Scotian First Nation; 29- It blows hot air in Italy; 31- Spoken silence fillers; 32- Domino dot; 33- Acquired very quickly, as a tan; 35- Bit of porridge; 36- Ending with "land" or "sea"; 38- Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's grp.; 39- Be a lousy lover, say; 41- It doesn't last long on Snapchat; 42- Fill with love, in the States; 47- A little off upstairs; 49- "We ___ World"; 50- Bottle to nip from; 51- ___ hand (helped out); 52- Owned apartment; 53- Pre-seeders; 55- Not active in chem class?; 56- Opposite of o'er; 57- Young'uns; 61- Hitchcock's "Dial ___ Murder"; 63- Get the drift; 65- Belt hole punch;