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Print Puzzle - "Going Concerns" by Gene Antonio on 5/21/2020
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1- "I Love a ___"; 7- Toon manufacturer; 11- Word with hop and pool; 14- Away from the mouth; 15- Distinguished Indians; 16- King beater; 17- It has a dial; 19- Nippon Elrctric Company, Limited, today; 20- Homer Simpson's father; 21- Rick's Paris girlfriend; 22- Boy or girl may follow it; 23- Bottom row key; 25- Andrews and Wynter in the movies; 27- Fran Sinclair's mother on sitcom "Dinosaurs"; 28- Relaxed (with "back"); 30- Military command to kill Shakespeare?; 32- Hathaway of Hollywood; 33- ___ Angeles; 34- Founder of the People's Republic of China; 35- Phrase expressing agreement; 37- Got the wrong ideas, as from someone's looks; 41- Ret. fund; 42- Remove; 43- Call at home; 44- Some wealthy travelers; 48- Gang territory; 49- Smart follower; 50- Gloria's sitcom mother; 52- Org may follow it; 53- Use a kitchen knife; 54- Skilled ocean predator; 55- Fruit drink; 57- Had a dog; 58- Excavating machine; 62- Take home; 63- Difficulty with sibilants; 64- One can be attached to opening of 17-, 30-, 44-, and 58-Across; 65- U-turn from nnw; 66- Andes wood sorrels; 67- Black ink;
1- Duffer's goal; 2- Blood letters; 3- Like a planet on its axis; 4- Riyadh native; 5- Took a chance; 6- River of Wales; 7- Masonry stones; 8- Stick used in a team sport; 9- One-named Japanese-American singer; 10- Suffix denoting languages; 11- Corners of the eyes; 12- Univalent radical; 13- Bring to mind; 18- Partner of rack; 22- In the least desirable outcome possible; 23- Winglike; 24- Wool (combining form); 26- Maintaining buoyancy; 27- Some of Plato's letters; 29- Discharge contents, as mature seed pods; 31- Surrounded by; 36- Arduous journey; 37- Sister of Moses; 38- Type of brandy; 39- Big do; 40- Skilled; 42- Porters; 44- Applies a durable lacquer; 45- Brings joy; 46- Cylindrical and slightly tapering; 47- Brewer or Wright; 51- German chemistry Nobelist Otto and family; 54- Ear-related; 56- Some boxers; 58- ___-mo; 59- One of seven; 60- Tree-folk of Middle-earth; 61- First name in sitcom news;