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Print Puzzle - "We're Growing to the Movies" by Barb Olson on 5/19/2020
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1- Piece of the pie?; 6- London's prov.; 9- Yellowhead town west of Edmonton; 14- Email option; 15- Dance-drama of Japan; 16- "I don't ___ respect!" (Dangerfield); 17- Artificial sweetener; 19- Make ___ at (flirt with); 20- 2002 Michelle Pfeiffer/Alison Lohman film about a girl raised in foster care; 22- Passionate desire; 23- Dog: Sp.; 24- Bottom left computer key; 27- 2006 Scarlett Johansson/Josh Hartnett film about a brutal murder investigation; 30- Petal plucker's bloom; 31- Goes off, as a pager; 32- Rachel Notley's pol. party; 35- To the ___ degree; 36- Univ. transcript fig.; 38- Three-of-a-kind in rummy; 39- ___ grievance (complains); 41- Knitter's inverted stitches; 43- 1989 Dolly Parton/Sally Field film about five southern friends; 48- Chacun ___ goût (each to his own); 49- Pull ___ one (deceive); 50- Fall preceder?; 52- 1989 Kathleen Turner/Michael Douglas film about a rich couple's divorce battle, with "The"; 55- Christmas costume; 57- Large family's car buying concern; 58- Give ___ (approve); 59- Prefix meaning "self"; 60- Lightens up, maybe; 61- Army chaplain; 62- Cal. spans; 63- Frequented, as a restaurant;
1- Inch along, as in traffic; 2- Closed again; 3- Snooty; 4- Having louvers, as a blind; 5- Spare item in a "boot"; 6- Ready for "walkies," perhaps; 7- What the ruthless show their foes; 8- Gerry Rafferty song about sailing; 9- "Yikes!"; 10- British new wave group ___ Mode; 11- Takes by surprise; 12- Slip-___ (simple footwear); 13- Foot stamper's words; 18- Illuminated from above; 21- Partner of Wynken and Blynken, in a kid's poem; 25- Reeking to high heaven; 26- Booby prize position; 28- Yawn-inspiring; 29- Roll into ___ (round cookie direction); 32- Chris Hadfield's former employer; 33- Morse bits; 34- Used car dealer's euphemism; 36- War movie sound effects; 37- Latin term meaning "for now"; 40- Red Chamber mem.; 41- It includes the Masters and the U.S. Open; 42- "Take a hike!", to the Fonz; 44- "Little Red Book" writer; 45- Noisy brawl; 46- Fictional thief-turned-sleuth Lupin; 47- San Sebastián shuteye; 51- "Heyyyy, over here!"; 53- Sand trap smoother; 54- Beatles' meter maid; 55- Pit stop product; 56- "Just as I thought!";