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Print Puzzle - "Astronomy" by Steve Zisser on 5/17/2020
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1- _____ to go; 6- Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme; 10- Eponym of a tennis center in Queens, NY; 14- Supreme Court Justice Kagan; 15- Toon teacher Krabappel; 16- Rapper/actor born Tracy Marrow; 17- Chocolate, caramel and nougat Bars; 20- Blood letters; 21- "_____ gratia artis"; 22- Offset, as expenses; 23- Painter with a Blue Period; 26- Consequently; 27- "This is the dawning of the __________" (Lyric from "Hair"); 32- Wicker material; 34- Wine casks; 35- Italian way; 36- Mayberry's lovable lush; 37- Architect I.M. _____; 38- Limerick, e.g.; 39- Took the prize; 40- Top suits?; 42- What you can get from shouting; 44- Show that showed the adventures of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj; 47- Little army animals; 48- Doesn't just hope for; 51- Bob or weave; 54- Big snit; 55- Lode load; 56- Titular disease of Crichton's best selling novel; 60- Eye irritation; 61- Word after bar or before hop; 62- Land features in many Roadrunner cartoons; 63- Stayed together; 64- It often goes downhill fast; 65- Basket fiber;
1- Draw new state boundaries, perhaps; 2- Story that TV detectives always see through; 3- Going from here to there; 4- Liquid from a well; 5- "I say thee ___" (Marvel's Thor's way of expressing disagreement); 6- Learn by accident; 7- Breyer's neighbor in the freezer section; 8- Genetic molecule, initially; 9- Wordplay puzzle for the title of a Paul McCartney and Wings hit; 10- Target; 11- Not-so-pleasant duel reminder; 12- Ares' mother; 13- Site for crafty people?; 18- Occupied a base on the diamond; 19- Impressionist Edgar; 24- 10%-ers; 25- Aquaman's home; 26- Lateral beginning; 28- "This is _____ of the emergency broadcast system."; 29- French speaking West African country; 30- Quick turnarounds; 31- "Dítto!"; 32- Where to find the second best seats in the house; 33- It's yours, in France; 37- Collectible caps from the 1990s; 38- Peel; 40- Optimistic attitude; 41- Places in a crypt; 42- Puts the whammy on; 43- "Alley ____"; 45- Excluded permanently; 46- New York City's _____ Square; 49- Court proceeding; 50- Feel, but not know; 51- ____ mark LameClue, for 51-D; 52- Chip in?; 53- Bucolic verse; 54- Lazy Eric of "Spamalot"?; 57- Sinuous fish; 58- "La la la la la, I don't want to hear that!"; 59- Hi-_____;