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Print Puzzle - "Put Me In, Coach" by Barb Olson on 3/18/2020
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1- Tit-tat connector; 4- Back on land; 10- TV guide uncertainties; 14- Dec. 24 vis-à-vis Dec. 25; 15- Many a seafaring Newfoundlander, once; 16- A pop; 17- Zamboni starter?; 18- Car model named after an olive centre?; 20- Stop for gas; 22- Guitar string material; 23- "The Island of the Blue Dolphins" author Scott; 24- Language suffix, often; 27- Bartók and Lugosi; 28- Ugly Atlantic fish?; 31- Something covered in a vision test; 32- Russian river or range; 33- Towel word; 34- Still snoozing; 36- Forgo sunscreen, perhaps; 40- To be, in Trois-Rivières; 41- Early web newsgroup service; 43- Audience reaction to the worst comedian?; 47- "... rock and ___ place"; 48- Summer hrs. in Ottawa; 49- Bear, to Caesar; 50- Harness ring through which the reins pass; 52- Star of David country; 54- BMW designed for the Arctic?; 57- Apply paint with a sponge; 59- "Auth. unknown"; 60- Throughout, in music; 61- Prefix with -cep or -ceratops; 62- On the CPP, say; 63- Got in on the game; 64- Hamburger's "east";
1- Tasseled topper; 2- Barbecued too long; 3- Air Miles user, say; 4- To a great extent; 5- It touches your sole; 6- Globetrotters' home; 7- Long in the tooth, so to speak; 8- Ad agent, e.g.; 9- Peterson of "Corner Gas"; 10- Wobble on the edge; 11- Ring for the wrist; 12- Bona fide; 13- "Down the hatch" drinks; 19- Girl asked to "get your elbows off the table," in a rhyme; 21- Makes a run for it; 23- "I know! Pick me, teacher!"; 25- Lightly fried; 26- Pantyhose shade; 29- Busybody at a bar mitzvah; 30- Seriously on the fritz; 35- "Either you ___" ("one of us"); 36- ___ resemblance (look alike); 37- Not familiar with; 38- They may have their own bar stools; 39- Extreme degrees; 40- Indigenous figure of respect; 42- Talked drunk talk?; 43- Mr. or Ms. Right; 44- Red light district lady; 45- Gofer's task; 46- Ren's cartoon pal; 47- "Canadian dollar ___" (U.S. lure); 51- Recipe meas.; 53- Drought-ravaged; 55- " ... as charming as an ___, Mr. Grinch"; 56- Dylan's "I ___ Lonesome Hobo"; 58- Bridle attachment;