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Print Puzzle - "4Ws" by Frank Virzi on 1/13/2020
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1- Microsoft product; 5- Driller's deg.; 8- Actress Williams of "Game of Thrones"; 14- "Zip-___-Doo-Dah"; 15- Many, many years; 16- Uproar; 17- Waste; 19- Cook, as Swiss steak; 20- '90s "SNL" regular Cheri; 21- Centrally situated, anatomically; 23- Connection points; 24- ___ get-out: to the utmost degree; 25- Channel that airs old MGM films; 28- Short albums, for short; 30- Fishermen, at times; 32- You can say that again; 36- Words that have a ring to them?; 37- Beekeeper played by Peter Fonda; 38- Playground retort; 40- "Fly ____ the Moon"; 41- Loupe users; 43- Swings that result in strikes; 45- Superlatively smooth; 46- Wagner's "___ fliegende Hollander"; 47- Divinity school subj.; 48- Two in the hand; 50- Supports; 55- Lemonlike fruit; 56- It won't hold water; 57- Not naked; 60- Where many shop; 62- Four-time Pro Bowler ____ Samuel; 63- Albany is its capital: Abbr.; 64- Tiber tributary whose name means "black"; 65- Falling star; 66- Abilene-to-San Antonio dir.; 67- Song and dance, e.g.;
1- Aired, as a TV show; 2- Beginning of some Keats titles; 3- Marry again; 4- Caterpillar competitor; 5- Raiding grp.; 6- Concepts not meant to be questioned; 7- Daggers of yore; 8- Winnebago, for one; 9- Song on which "Love Me Tender" is based; 10- Romance lang.; 11- Geol., e.g.; 12- Form 1040 org.; 13- Give the once-over; 18- Stair part; 22- Pub game; 25- "The Love Boat" actress Lauren; 26- Where Minos ruled; 27- Obsolete PC operating system; 29- Early leader in a race; 31- NASA craft; 32- Woman of La Mancha; 33- Bayer brand; 34- Post on a banister; 35- New driver, typically; 36- Connections; 39- Pianist Rubinstein; 42- Provided a segue for; 44- March marchers; 46- Chain with Moons Over My Hammy sandwiches; 49- Ring-tailed critters; 51- City near Florence; 52- Not as many; 53- For all to see; 54- Singer McEntire and others; 55- Suffix with Pleisto-; 57- Beaver's work; 58- 180° from WNW; 59- Be-bopper; 61- "The Waste Land" monogram;