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Print Puzzle - "Unthemed A041" by Jim Lake published on 1/11/2020
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1- Bottom; 5- Aesop's tortoise racer; 9- Many of these prevent the Netherlands from flooding (singular); 13- Find sexually attractive (informal); 14- Food thickener; 15- Harvest; 16- Fish tank buildup; 17- Des Moines's state; 18- Alma mater for five U.S. presidents; 19- Consumer; 20- Desire; 21- A mass of small loose stones that cover a mountain slope; 22- Undercover drug cops; 24- Train track; 26- Standing straight; 29- Produce an original; 33- Easy as _____; 36- Aimlessly floating; 38- ___ vera; 39- "Silent Night" e.g.; 41- ____-hit wonder; 42- Studio sign indicating broadcast in progress (2,3); 43- Ski lift (1-3); 44- Talk given to an audience; 46- Cunning; deceitful; 47- Ice-cream dish; 49- Postage sticker; 51- One of the Baldwins; 53- Jewish republic; 57- Hollywood production; 60- Soon, in olden times; 63- "_____ each life, some rain must fall"; 64- Similar to; 65- Produced offspring; 66- Completely consume (3,2); 67- Friend-winning Carnegie; 68- Get into a novel; 69- Atmospheric balloon probe; 70- Gave the once-over; 71- A in BA, the degree; 72- Poker stake;
1- Light wood used for modelling; 2- Ire; 3- Rare; 4- Stare at; 5- It can be cut, braided, plaited and more; 6- Popeyed; 7- More inexperienced; 8- Period in history; 9- A process to clean some types of clothing with chemical agents; 10- It consists of 12 months; 11- Cabbage with erect stem and large leaves; 12- Sporting sword; 13- A lustful rural god represented as a man with goat's horns, ears, legs, and tail.; 20- Employed; 21- Knight's title; 23- Kind of non written exam; 25- Part of a play; 27- Cut hair short; 28- (Fork) prongs; 30- Word for Yorick; 31- Slave away; 32- Creepy; Var.; 33- Play parts; 34- Hindu "Sir"; 35- British measure for herring; 37- Plural of foot; 40- Invested with ministerial or priestly functions; 42- Units of electrical resistance; 44- Observe; diocese; 45- Brother of Abel; 48- Type of beer; 50- Stir; can; 52- Invalid's helper; 54- Concerning; 55- Musical exercise piece; 56- Not a full-out run; 57- Like a neat bed; 58- "I'll go along with that."; 59- Awful-tasting; 61- Nicely arranged; 62- Bookmakers' prices; 65- Lingerie item; 66- Country south of Canada;