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Print Puzzle - "JA!" by Steve Zisser on 1/8/2020
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1- Political cartoonist responsible for Santa's look; 5- "_______ I" ("Me, too"); 9- Mag; 13- Like the stereotypical handwriting of a doctor; 15- A bad guy on "The Good Place"; 16- "____________ me do anything" (child's complaint); 17- Came up; 18- Toyota or Mazda, e.g.; 20- Gator tail?; 21- ____ Tamid (Eternal light in a shul); 22- Big acronym is auto racing; 26- ____ out (choose not to); 28- Use a straw; 29- Words before roll or diet; 30- New member to the bar, perhaps; 35- It comes straight from the heart; 36- _____Clean (an "as seen on TV" product); 37- Greek vowels; 38- He was George Costanza; 41- Santa ____, CA; 42- Bauxite or magnetite, but not luddite; 43- Ave. crossers; 44- Israeli siege site; 46- Spartans of the Big Ten; 48- Pretoria's land, for short; 51- The original Mary Poppins; 55- 60s comedienne Fields; 58- Luxury SUV brand; 59- Up in the air; 60- O'Neill's was strange; 61- Soft ball brand; 62- One who ogles; 63- _____ the meter;
1- Teenage Mutant _____ Turtles; 2- "Take _____off" ("Sit!"); 3- Geometry calculation; 4- "Nine, ______ big fat hen"; 5- Something that leopards and people have in common; 6- High on the BMI scale; 7- Raise or lower a hem; 8- Big butte; 9- Binary code digits; 10- Texter's qualification; 11- Antis' votes; 12- 180 degrees from wsw; 14- Lead in to -X, -Y, or -Z; 15- It may be represented as (x,y) on a chart; 19- Angstrom or light year; 23- Medieval tale of adventure; 24- With ____ to the ground; 25- Emanations from the sun; 26- ____ bigger and better things; 27- Joint performance by Billy Joel and Elton John, e.g.; 28- Pixy ____ (powdered candy brand); 30- Mexican actress Benedek; 31- Major and Minor constellations; 32- Kirk, to Shatner; 33- "Lizzie Borden took an _____"; 34- Anglers' castoffs?; 35- In ______ (stuck); 39- Asian "sea" that is really a lake; 40- Rent _______; 45- In ______ (quickly); 46- No-goodnik; 47- "A votre _____!"; 48- Skittish show?; 49- Any one of ABBA; 50- Likened to a beet; 52- Former tennis champ Nastase; 53- Initially, it is disaster risk reduction; 54- Massage intently; 55- Like Obama's "controversial" suit; 56- Cheer at a futbol match; 57- Rocky crag;