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Print Puzzle - "Get It Together" by Barb Olson published on 1/7/2020
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1- Mounties, informally; 4- Name on a dog tag, maybe; 10- Van. Island campus; 14- Car makers' org.; 15- Headed for overtime; 16- Vietnam's Ho Chi ___; 17- Fan mag couple with a rocky marriage; 19- Me, myself ___; 20- Trip starter for a narcissist?; 21- Fawlty player on the BBC; 23- Brewer's barrel; 24- Interoffice notes; 26- Dudes' tight friendship; 28- Santa's third reindeer; 31- "Don't bring Fido and Fluffy"; 32- Worker's ID, in the States; 33- Hilo hello; 36- Not long-winded; 37- Blended "language" spoken in Québec; 39- "... fetch ___ of water"; 42- Room seldom shown to guests; 43- Land in "l'eau"; 46- Peterborough-born comic Seán ___; 48- No longer an orphan; 50- Past events, from a female angle; 53- "Nifty!"; 54- Poetic preposition; 55- Grooved tire surfaces; 58- Jekyll and Hyde creator's inits.; 59- "Fix It Again Tony" car company; 61- Beard trimming and back waxing; 64- "Ye ___ Curiosity Shoppe"; 65- Describing word that's a person, place or thing; 66- Lovey-dovey sound; 67- Couple who wrote "Curious George"; 68- Prefix meaning "earthquake"; 69- Slop house?;
1- ___ the wrong way (annoy); 2- Indeed listings; 3- "Waltzing Matilda" hobo; 4- The word infinitesimal, size-wise; 5- Third flat on the first floor, maybe; 6- Campaign promise of Donald Trump; 7- Ex-Blue Jays pitcher Dave; 8- German indefinite article; 9- Word with "one good" or "no good"; 10- Thurman of "Kill Bill"; 11- Cabernet maker; 12- Installs, as to the Hall of Fame; 13- Kind of checkers; 18- Busy time at a diner; 22- ;-), for example; 24- Commons workers, for short; 25- O'Hara of Tara; 27- Jungle knuckle-draggers; 29- That lady, in Lisbon; 30- Conservative Ambrose; 34- Upstanding figure?: Abbr.; 35- Prov. dubbed Wild Rose Country; 37- Son, in Saguenay; 38- Give a hand; 39- Want so badly it hurts; 40- Foolishly childlike; 41- "Done so soon?"; 43- Leaning letters; 44- "How about we don't"; 45- Tokyo's former name; 47- Film characters Bates and Rae; 49- One with a cell number?; 51- John ___, early editor of the "Montreal Gazette"; 52- "Live at the Acropolis" musician; 56- U.K. military honours; 57- Dirty film; 60- Belonging to "toi"; 62- "Looks like he's __-show"; 63- Canadian funny lady Luba;