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Print Puzzle - "Kindred Spirits" by Terry Gergely published on 1/6/2020
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1- Serendipity; 5- Utility consumption counter; 10- Part of WWW; 14- Reflection in a canyon; 15- Rust, for one; 16- Director Kazan; 17- "Woe is me"; 18- Popular athletic shoes; 19- Sticker price; 20- Figure holding an empty sandtimer on 12/31; 22- Delicate needlework; 23- Trip for a narcissist; 24- Davis' "Thelma & Louise" co-star; 26- Purchased today and paid later; 30- Saturn SUV; 31- Gut punch sound; 32- Britannic, to Titanic; 38- Roman candle display; 41- "They're playing ___ song"; 42- Comment from actor to audience; 43- Virginia Military Institute comedy drama film of '38; 46- Small bit of an internet address; 47- Supplementary stereo input: Abbr.; 48- Shellfish dish; 51- Inputs computing instructions; 56- Noon on a sundial; 57- Accrue, as interest; 58- Gold prospector's trove; 63- Icelandic poetry; 64- Like a new dad; 65- NFL sideline reporter Andrews; 66- Legal claim; 67- Key in a Bogie/Bacall film; 68- Must have; 69- Arrange from high to low; 70- Saint ___ Fire, weather phenomenon; 71- Make a salad;
1- Bit of foliage; 2- NCAA Bruins school; 3- Online conversation; 4- Permissable; 5- First family after the Madisons; 6- Close the application; 7- Polynesian carvings; 8- Fluid accumulation; 9- Federal ___ Note; 10- Illness avoidance practice; 11- Homer's epic; 12- '70s dance location; 13- Consumed; 21- It must be broken to fix an omelet; 25- Ambience; 26- Ty of the Detroit Tigers; 27- 1/24th of a day; 28- Natural do; 29- Fashionable Christian; 33- Big ___, California; 34- Ore carrier; 35- Conceal; 36- False diety; 37- Cats and dogs, for example; 39- Stale, as standing water; 40- Fri. preceder; 44- Case in point; 45- Rented suits; 49- Paul McCartney's title; 50- Like a Rudolph Valentino movie; 51- Removes the skin; 52- Ham operator's device; 53- Command from the brass; 54- Aesopian conclusion; 55- Desert or tropical; 59- "Les Miserables" novelist Victor; 60- Classic black and white cookie; 61- Expires; 62- They may be split or tight;