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Print Puzzle - "Cryptic Tuesday #18" by Nic Pursey on 4/9/2019
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1- Where Jane Austen might see play up north? (9,4); 9- Happen to turn to face the other way (4,5); 10- Whiff evident to a Roman nose (5); 11- What a chore to mix this colour! (5); 12- Exam? Take tips from old Roland, arts lecturer (4); 13- The main point of interest to Clouseau? (4); 15- Playing hookey (7); 17- Tree, mostly deal, provides material for pedal (7); 18- & 22 Using weapon perhaps, thoroughly (2,2,3,4); 20- Choose again having referred to leaderless elite (2-5); 21- Pages and pages written to me! (4); 22- see 18; 23- Fashion movement (5); 26- What goes around comes around! (5); 27- Come to life again about new measure (9); 28- Pram home to sis for a change? (13);
1- Metal building blocks under the lens (14); 2- Sprite seen in New York going at speed! (5); 3- Band of brothers? (10); 4- Green record unknown by environmental study (7); 5- Slate pamphlet by rising newsman (7); 6- First man to notice the morning (4); 7- Using skill, become aware of incomplete accounts book (9); 8- We've had years of learning! (6,8); 14- Anniversary celebrated by ten thieves at liberty (10); 16- Demand to have the last word (9); 19- Saw through wise words (7); 20- Minute animal roasted French-style on iron railing, initially (7); 24- So the rioting led to moral code (5); 25- Beast's tailed in the dry (4);