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Print Puzzle - "Putting on Some Weight" by AVXWords on 4/1/2019
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1- Gp. whose headquarters moved from Geneva to Vienna in 1965; 5- Muscle woe; 10- Peel player; 14- Whence obsidian; 15- Sea bordering Australia's Top End; 16- At some point; 17- Stacy of the Spider-Verse; 18- Set of principles; 19- Pebbles's pet; 20- Report arriving planes over the PA system?; 23- Give a scathing review to; 24- Brand with major exposure in "E.T."; 25- Check Reverend Al's ID?; 29- Seat of Marion County, Florida; 30- "___ of the City" (2019 Netflix adaptation); 31- U.S. Army's E-3; 34- 1986 Grammy winner for Best New Artist; 35- Actor Romero who played villains and lovers and the Joker; 36- Saltimbocca meat; 37- Impossible Super Bowl result; 38- CBS sportscaster Jim; 39- "Circle of Friends" author Binchy; 40- SATAN?; 42- Part of AWOL; 45- Assassination victim of October 1981; 46- Raid where a cult of pointillists is hiding?; 51- Training space that may have taiko drums; 52- Kind of column; 53- Texter's equivocation; 54- Where John le Carré taught French and German; 55- Gray, in a way; 56- "Treme" setting, briefly; 57- No longer gray, in a way; 58- Some trig ratios; 59- "[41-Down] Mysterious Letter" sleuth;
1- "Quantum of Solace" actress Kurylenko; 2- Patsy; 3- Six of one for a half dozen of the other, maybe; 4- Neck; 5- Foul aura; 6- Have an erection, campily?; 7- "I ___ that liveth, and was dead, ..." (Revelation 1:18); 8- Besmirch; 9- Lil Wayne/Jay-Z duet whose title could refer to either man; 10- Show embarrassment, in a way; 11- Collegiate octad; 12- Fantasy, for example; 13- Box office figure; 21- Bear up there; 22- Modernists, colloquially; 25- Toll; 26- Brazilian palm; 27- Dreaded devotee?; 28- 1971 comedy with Walter Matthau in three different roles; 31- Questionable classmate?; 32- Broad bean variety; 33- Blondie drummer Burke; 35- Surefire; 36- Wayfarer; 38- Numerical prefix from the Greek word for "dwarf"; 39- "No More Victims" sloganeer; 40- Back on the floor?; 41- "___ Mysterious Letter" (1932 mystery); 42- On top; 43- Something to shake; 44- University in northwest Philly; 47- ___ sci (field in which Obama has a B.A.); 48- Biblical seed spiller; 49- Mule bottom; 50- Détente;