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Print Puzzle - "Poster Children" by AVXWords on 3/25/2019
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1- The AVCX has obvlously run out of ideas. Its to politically bias now,; 6- Find another flat, say; 10- Desert Storm missile; 14- Chicago airport known for cancellations; 15- Gp. that opposed fracking (presumably for business reasons, not environmental ones); 16- Allay; 17- With 38-Across, excellent online advice that, unfortunately, you'll have to disregard to complete this puzzle; 18- "I didn't expect THAT!"; 19- Heroes in the "Deadpool" universe; 20- Sandy stuff; 21- Whenever I use a hurtful word, somebody rolls over here and says I shouldn't! It's exactly like Ivan the Terrible. What about MY rights?; 23- Very, in slang; 25- Eeyorish; 26- San Marzano, e.g.; 29- Eid wear; 30- It may contain gold, if you're a lucky miner; 31- Clear savory jelly; 34- Lily locale; 38- See 17-Across; 42- Impulsiveness-excusing hashtag; 43- Final track on an album, say; 44- Fetty ___; 45- Thom ___ (near-extinct shoe retailer); 48- Rich, as soup; 50- 1994 male pregnancy comedy; 53- Ted portrayer; 55- tHIS PUZZLE IS RIGHT ON THE LINE BETWEEN BORING AND BAD; 57- Perjurer; 61- Venerable Smurf; 62- Ingredient in some inexpensive liquor; 63- Certain troll or, read another way, a hint to what to what to look for in this puzzle's obnoxious clues in order to solve them; 64- She loves, in Latin; 65- Antioxidant-rich plant; 66- Event with prayer and candlelight; 67- Amazon competitor, size-wise; 68- "I feel so ___ ..."; 69- This puzzle is a rip off!! I paid $1 and got at most one hour of entertaintmet;
1- Piece of music (such as "I Got You Babe" or "Respect," but which is not exactly like a raga); 2- First name in 1960s popular music; 3- First name in 1960s popular music; 4- First name in 1960s popular music; 5- Large body of eau; 6- Ski slope obstacle; 7- Kaija Saariaho work; 8- Shift course; 9- Itchy condition; 10- Initiative for congress?; 11- Hillary Clinton role on "Broad City," e.g.; 12- App maker's concern; 13- Like urban housing, typically; 21- Trudge, as through puddles; 22- ___'easter; 24- Maryland, to Macron; 26- British conservative; 27- Cookie that may be golden; 28- Repast; 29- David Byrne, by birth; 32- Lowly laborer; 33- Critical hosp. setting; 35- Long-controversial drilling area in Alaska, for short; 36- "Now!"; 37- Notre Dame guard Arike Ogunbowale won one for Best Play in 2018; 39- Take control in a dungeon; 40- "South Park" puppet; 41- Kohler competitor; 46- Military bed; 47- Emanations in some therapy; 49- Coffee-ordering phrase; 50- Country with many cat caf├ęs; 51- Savory flavor, as from fish sauce; 52- Modern country where the Buddha was born; 53- Kardashian who marries NBA players; 54- Polished off; 56- Account; 58- Playwright who won the Pulitzer for "Picnic"; 59- Grammy-winning Sarah McLachlan tune; 60- Sushi unit; 63- Campers, briefly;