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Print Puzzle - "Themeless #5" by AVXWords on 3/4/2019
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1- Repeated several times, an iconic movie line from 1931; 9- Lug; 15- Weigh; 16- Visual; 17- Some of them are Pauline; 18- Whom you might greet with "namaste"; 19- Gives authority to; 20- Grabs quickly, as an opportunity; 21- Casting need; 22- Like one who won't stop asking; 23- She tends to go downhill; 26- Ingredient in mousse; 27- It may require milk to be pasteurized: Abbr.; 30- In a way, in a way; 32- Mars, to Homer; 33- Cry from one who's tried everything; 35- What's needed to address the UN?; 36- Mulder's motto; 37- Get it; 38- Question while searching; 39- Young partner; 40- Fluff or needle; 41- Alien planet on TV; 42- 17-Across has one; 45- Shade source; 49- They're on the schedule; 50- Mark of significance; 51- Kenyan/Tanzanian people; 52- Like Denny's and 7-Eleven; 53- Take over, as bugs do; 54- Where direwolves are found;
1- Like some tea or coffee; 2- Hit the bottle; 3- Onomatopoeic verb at the salon; 4- With confidence; 5- By the seashore; 6- Didn't do much; 7- Symbols of peace and success; 8- Mumbles from the bemused; 9- Procedure that most often takes place at the dental office; 10- When dire wolves lived; 11- Hardy fish used for mosquito control; 12- Lead-in to bad news; 13- It comes before Alto; 14- Gaelic name that is in fact relatively uncommon in Ireland; 20- Some people can't tolerate it; 22- Nature's alternative; 23- One side in a pick-up game; 24- Overexposed item; 25- Utterly absurd; 26- Most tart; 27- Brand in the fridge; 28- They make certain collegiate lists; 29- It's a positive; 31- Words of epiphany; 32- Like Zooey Deschanel and assembling flat pack furniture with a Hello Kitty screwdriver (h/t the Guardian); 34- Faulty antonym; 38- Dressed up like, for Halloween; 40- Strained; 41- Peckinpah favorite Warren; 42- Prefix similar to 30-Across; 43- 16th-century Russian tsar; 44- It has veins and a blade; 45- Smoke signals his election; 46- Scorch on the range; 47- Not gonna fall for; 48- Wranglers they're not; 50- Stat;