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Print Puzzle - "Themeless #4" by AVXWords on 2/25/2019
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1- Aquaman portrayer; 11- Trade at some meets; 15- "Scandal" heroine known as "the Fixer"; 16- All-inclusive prefix; 17- Turns on; 18- Workout target, for short; 19- Bit of choreography; 20- Guest speaker fees, say; 22- Baseball great Lefty who is in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame; 25- Second-in-command on the Enterprise; 26- "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" author Larsson; 29- Clear, as a windshield; 32- They connect to spinal cords; 37- Time piece?; 38- Neil Young song about a conquistador; 41- Iowa college founded in 1851; 42- Titular sci-fi character of 1984; 43- Dragon faced by Bilbo; 46- "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" movie musical; 47- The Wu-Tang Clan's highest-charting single; 50- Online magazine whose editor-in-chief is Julia Turner (for a few more days); 53- Highly specialized knowledge; 57- Pixar logo part; 59- The ___ (“Mind if I do a J?” speaker); 60- Genesis hit inspired by a Levi's commercial; 63- Centurion Card issuer, familiarly; 64- 1954 hit heard in "Back to the Future"; 65- The lion's share; 66- Words with a nice ring to them?;
1- Puts (down) quickly; 2- Self-described "practical originalist" of the Supreme Court; 3- Put on the spot?; 4- Lay an egg; 5- Goalless amount; 6- Head of content?; 7- Bright aquarium fish; 8- Phone brand that runs Android; 9- Plays before the main act; 10- "Familiarity breeds contempt" coiner; 11- Relief from grief; 12- Watergate informant; 13- Rihanna album of 2016; 14- Tilting Tuscan tower town; 21- TV host Serling for whom Rush wrote several songs; 23- Digest since 1984; 24- "Mephisto Polka" composer Franz; 27- Feminine gender suffix; 28- Walt Disney Concert Hall architect; 30- Blizzard choice; 31- Teri of "Tootsie"; 32- Includes discreetly; 33- Word with wiggle or weight; 34- Numbers often written in parentheses; 35- Sad Keanu or Conspiracy Keanu, e.g.; 36- Golf competition format; 39- Like LAX; 40- Film for which Damien Chazelle became the youngest Best Director Oscar winner; 44- Original version; 45- "Well, I'll be!"; 48- First astrological sign; 49- Book with a prediction about the coming of the Messiah; 51- Piquant; 52- Mic holder; 53- Wax-wrapped cheese; 54- Taiho's sport; 55- Concern; 56- "Them!" things; 58- NBA team in New Orleans, informally; 61- "J to ___ L-O!" (2002 Jennifer Lopez remix album); 62- Bao ___ (last emperor of Vietnam);