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Print Puzzle - "Year-End Review" by AVXWords on 2/18/2019
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1- Helps out someone who needs it in a bad way?; 6- Vinyl players; 11- Silent; 14- Seussian tree lover; 15- Eye-bending genre; 16- Org. in which the Indiana Pacers appeared in five Finals; 17- Whence "thy kingdom come"; 19- ___ Tamid (synagogue lamp); 20- Startled word; 21- It's hell, it's said; 22- Put forth, as effort; 24- Critter in a bottle of mezcal; 26- Blasé; 30- "Bummer, dude ..."; 32- Don Juan; 33- Epicurious instruction; 34- Burglarize; 36- Viking Ship Museum city; 38- Root figures?: Abbr.; 39- "What little there is of them"; 43- "Holocene" band ___ Iver; 44- "Like *that's* gonna happen ..."; 45- Missionary act?; 46- College kids who might be regulars at Toad's Place in Connecticut; 48- A son of Seth; 50- Some citrus-flavored alcoholic coolers; 54- Kind of vacuum tube in screens; 57- NFL Hall-of-Famer Warren; 58- Droid that was a waiter in Jabba's palace, briefly; 59- Birmingham bro; 61- Ana's aunt; 62- 180, slangily; 63- Pop singer with an eight-octave range (!); 68- A___4 (common guitar chord); 69- Beg, as for mercy; 70- Chilling?; 71- Defib expert; 72- Songs of adoration; 73- Put the kibosh on;
1- Doesn't put the kibosh on; 2- "FFS, cry me a river ..."; 3- Computer bugs, e.g.; 4- Smidgen; 5- Austin festival where many musicians' careers are made, casually; 6- Film genre after the kids go to bed; 7- Drink that comes in "double" varieties; 8- She played Ann in the original "King Kong"; 9- Nat. that Aer Lingus serves; 10- Spread around; 11- Hall & Oates classic with the refrain "oh-oh, here she comes"; 12- Lift that isn't a Lyft; 13- Folks who sacrifice; 18- Lab handler?; 23- Crosses (out); 25- Maron whose podcast is called "WTF"; 27- Cheer on; 28- Filled with greenery; 29- Strikes from the record, say; 31- Capital city with the Souq Waqif outdoor market; 35- Headquartered; 37- Bailiff's cry; 39- Grow room, say; 40- Exam on a section of the textbook, say; 41- Geometry term; 42- Geometry term; 43- "___ reasons ..."; 47- "Ray Donovan" channel, in menu listings; 49- Panzanella and caprese, e.g.; 51- Neo's franchise, with "The"; 52- Separately; 53- Prevented from littering?; 55- Pep; 56- Derisive cry; 60- Pest-control brand; 64- Olympic gymnast Raisman; 65- Hypnologist's study; 66- Name that's an anagram of 67-Down; 67- Name that's an anagram of 66-Down;