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Print Puzzle - "Themeless #22" by AVXWords on 2/11/2019
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1- ___ Johnson, aka "Lady Bird"; 8- Big crowd; 14- Meat in Amish bean soup; 15- "Amen, bro ..."; 16- Ghosts, perhaps; 17- Covers in advance; 18- Succumbed to curiosity, maybe; 19- "Revolutionary Étude" composer; 20- Ending for Calvin more often than Hobbes; 21- Psychologist with a "hierarchy of needs"; 23- [!!!]; 26- Good for both parties; 27- Word from the Latin for "I believe"; 28- Beauty pageant circuit?; 31- Statesman who said "He who has a garden and a library wants for nothing"; 33- Swanson in "Parks and Recreation"; 34- NPR series named after one of its set fixtures; 37- Salmon ___; 38- Anatomically-confusing insult; 39- Glorifying pieces; 40- Informal measurement of spiciness; 42- With cheer; 44- Oft-vandalized site, for short; 45- Song that pleads "please don't take my man"; 46- "___ and Boujee" (2016 Migos song); 49- Pump padding; 51- Laugh lines; 53- Many a Belieber; 55- Nomadic Arab; 56- H.S. stressors (I have six this year and I'm prepared for zero of them) (you'll be fine. -ed.); 57- 2017 Kendrick Lamar song with the line "I pull up, hop out, air out, made it look sexy"; 58- Indigenous people of New Zealand; 59- The States, to Sonorans;
1- RHCP C; 2- Nigerian city where Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Americanah" is partially set; 3- Playground retort; 4- Hesitant agreement; 5- Term for money that references notes; 6- Moves in a rink, in a way; 7- Cold War-era guns; 8- Intentionally lose; 9- Sycophantic Dickens character; 10- Duel-purpose instrument?; 11- Vermilion lookalike; 12- AL East team, on chyrons; 13- The difference between E and F; 15- Apple skin; 19- Parody site with the recent quiz "Are You In A Cult Or An Off-Broadway Production Of ‘Jersey Boys’?"; 22- Spiraling desserts; 24- Treasure; 25- Fashion mistakes; 26- Question from a prying toddler; 27- "Every ___ has its pros" (excellent tagline for "Ocean's 8"); 28- Malt shop freebie; 29- Guy Fieri's garlicky Donkey Sauce, in actuality; 30- Infiltrate; 32- "Screw you!"; 35- Q: What did the fish say when it ran into a wall? A: "___!"; 36- Far from forward; 41- Pro in a pickup game, say; 43- Hard to move; 45- Denim portmanteau pair; 46- Jack in "[this clue number minus 22]"; 47- Not too much (of), as flavoring; 48- He wrote about circles; 50- Honduran consent; 52- Word after ecce or before erectus; 53- "bruh"; 54- MLA alternative, in citations; 55- Non-electronic drone;