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Print Puzzle - "It's TIME" by AVXWords on 2/4/2019
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1- Red muppet whose birthday is February 3rd; 5- The only state where the majority of the population belongs to one church; 9- Branches, of body or tree; 14- What you might need to wear outside for the next few months; 15- Fancy annual Met event; 16- Get amped for; 17- Sub-rosa; 18- -; 19- Toy sometimes designed to look like a banana; 20- ___ Pops (frozen fruit treats); 22- Bumbler; 24- Academic cluster with diversity issues; 25- The next one will mark the start of 5779: Var.; 28- -; 30- One who might answer the question "What time is your dentist appointment?" with "tooth-hurty"; 33- Certain cattle hybrid; 35- Sign; 37- Coach Parseghian who passed away in 2017; 38- Marinated shrimp preparation; 43- Person of the Year, in a certain magazine, and this puzzle's theme; 46- Person permitted to cut lines?; 47- Rowing muscle, for short; 48- Letters before Rocky, Ferg, or Yams; 49- Assesses anew; 52- Comedian Poehler; 53- Oboe-like instrument whose name is, ironically, translated from the original French; 57- -; 59- Only; 60- "The Steadfast ___ Soldier"; 62- Kinda a little bit; 66- With eyes peeled; 68- Period of gridlock; 71- -; 72- "Nuh-uh!"; 73- ___-Ball (Chuck E. Cheese's attraction); 74- Hotel chain whose L.A. branch has a 2,855-square-foot Presidential Suite; 75- Tattooed lady, in a Groucho Marx signature song; 76- Overflow (with); 77- Commodity that will become legal in California in ten days;
1- Reverberation ... ation ... ation; 2- Bumbler; 3- Sail support; 4- None of the above; 5- Reaction to a bad take, say; 6- Greek T; 7- In addition; 8- LOOOOOOL; 9- "Wee" boy; 10- Recurring phrase from "Into the Woods"; 11- Smallest member of the European Union; 12- Joe who says "IMMA POINT AT 'EM!" in a meme; 13- Leaf pore; 21- Mug; 23- Prince had an exceptional one; 26- "American Idol" host Ryan who I don't THINK has been accused of ... OK, to hell with him, Pismo Beach hotel name; 27- In this spot; 29- Calypso offshoot; 30- Antibiotic amount; 31- In the thick of; 32- Place for a quick lunch; 34- Story with allegorical animals, often; 36- Volleyball divider; 39- Otherwise called; 40- Arizona spring training city; 41- William and Kate will need to save up for one before April 2018; 42- Car backseat game; 44- Sushi wrapper; 45- Reaction to stress, perhaps; 50- Terrible reason to drink vodka; 51- Fourth yr. students; 53- Service that, remarkably, some people still pay for; 54- One who sells "papes"; 55- Like some large pianos; 56- "Vive ____!"; 58- At all; 61- Heat up, in a microwave; 63- "When in ___" (Mary-Kate and Ashley classic); 64- Twist the pegs on a violin, say; 65- Dry as the desert; 67- Request from a friend who's picking you up at the airport; 69- "We'll ___ ..." ("No," in parent-speak); 70- Bottom line?;