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Print Puzzle - "Cross-Country" by AVXWords on 1/28/2019
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1- Gets going; 7- Grain in a healthy muffin; 10- Drop of sweat; 14- Padmé's husband; 15- ___ Tour (org. that hosts the Players Championship); 16- "And by the way ..."; 17- U.S. scientist who traverses the country to study harbor seals, river otters, and cattle?; 20- Notorious ___; 21- Boring tool; 22- Shoe designer Jimmy; 24- U.S. dairy product that goes equally well with pecan pie, hot salami sandwiches, and knoephla?; 29- "Give Me Everything" singer; 31- Like a glove; 32- Pop-ups, e.g.; 33- Adjust to show more ankle, say; 36- Strap on the track; 37- U.S. levy on automobile race winnings, weed, and blueberries?; 40- Pass over the thing at the grocery store; 43- Person who's done for; 44- Drink gingerly, as ginger tea; 47- Unit of land; 50- Mamet play that would have been written very differently by a woman; 52- U.S. forest event that starts in the Ozarks, spreads to Death Valley, and then ... burns down a bunch of corporate tax havens?; 55- "Oslo" award; 56- Turner autobiography cowritten by Kurt Loder; 57- Multi-stomached animal; 58- Annual speech, and an alternate title for this puzzle; 65- Politician's coffee-getter; 66- Sporty truck, briefly; 67- Curly-haired "Peanuts" character; 68- ____ moss (gardening purchase); 69- Swimsuit brand named after a Norse god; 70- It might be leaked;
1- Al Pacino, sometimes; 2- "Snakes ___ Plane"; 3- Birds that can not only talk, but sometimes form simple sentences; 4- Snow scooter; 5- Object, in Jamaican patois; 6- Awkward pronoun replacement; 7- Drug that helped create "Kubla Khan"; 8- '70s suffix; 9- Gift that's no substitute for hard work; 10- Under-eye feature; 11- Manning with two rings; 12- Body part referenced in Missy Elliott's "Work It"; 13- Amazon Echo ___; 18- One who passes on passing; 19- Novus ___ seclorum (phrase on a dollar); 22- Pro getting a lot of desperate calls on or around April 14; 23- Got under the covers, perhaps; 24- "Match Game" host Baldwin; 25- Karl with a manifesto; 26- Follower's suffix (though not applicable to a follower of 25-Down); 27- Maui memento; 28- "Toy Story 3" toy; 30- Decorative container for cremains, sometimes; 34- Adjective to describe Panic! at the Disco or My Chemical Romance; 35- Candlestick that holds nine candles; 37- Ancient Peruvian; 38- Prefix with "novela" or "mundo"; 39- "You ___ the weakest link ... goodbye!"; 40- Place for waxing; 41- Escape, e.g.; 42- Shape to describe character growth; 44- With more inches on the ground; 45- Place to stop during a road trip; 46- ___ it forward; 48- "Desperate Housewives" housewife; 49- Emit; 51- Not accented, as syllables; 53- Grant bill; 54- Lay to rest; 57- "Lovesong" band, with "the"; 58- Sort who cries during "Coco"; 59- Full Windsor item; 60- Lovelace who wrote the first computer program; 61- Lunar New Year in Vietnam; 62- Muffin center?; 63- Gushing lines; 64- Rebellion leader Turner;