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Print Puzzle - "Poetic Injustice" by AVXWords on 1/21/2019
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1- One of Washington's Tri-Cities (with Richland and Kennewick); 6- Flow's partner; 9- West Point student; 14- Adele and Cher, e.g.; 15- Roth who directed the upcoming "Death Wish" remake with Bruce Willis; 16- Absorber of UV rays; 17- Compensation for enduring bronchitis?; 20- Like Deepwater Horizon's operations; 21- "Grey Gardens" nickname; 22- Spelling event; 23- PIN drop?; 25- "Legally Blonde" protagonist; 26- In addition; 30- SodaStream option; 31- Word with bench or drill; 32- Motown music about smelly graverobbing monsters?; 35- Crush or Squirt, in "Finding Nemo"; 36- Fill to the brim; 39- Visit to the mills of Gold Medal, King Arthur, Pillsbury, and Robin Hood?; 43- Cuba ___; 45- Forsaken; 46- Energetic; 47- Novel Melville wrote perhaps because he was worried "Typee" wasn't crossword-friendly enough; 48- Yakking; 50- Computer programming pioneer Lovelace; 51- Heavy fat; 52- Beethoven's Symphony No. 3; 57- What English pronunciation often demonstrates; 60- Finish with; 61- John Dos Passos trilogy; 62- Home to Belgium's Gravensteen castle; 63- Neuter; 64- Sunday seating; 65- Clothing brand with a red triangle logo;
1- Hits the expected number; 2- 1994 NL Manager of the Year Felipe; 3- Worn-down pencil; 4- Gear components; 5- Ice Cube's real first name; 6- Fair-hiring agcy.; 7- Police protest that uses illness as a pretext; 8- "So what?"; 9- Write Java, say; 10- ___ dye; 11- Feature of certain roller coasters; 12- Author of "The Condition of the Working Class in England"; 13- Furtive giggles; 18- Plate protector; 19- Hurry, old-style; 24- Low sound?; 25- Fires off a tweetstorm, say; 26- Baby newt; 27- Reed of the Velvet Underground; 28- Wavestorm products; 29- Banderillero's target; 31- Hard up; 33- Crafting need; 34- Real beaut; 37- PETA pet hate; 38- Get too much sun; 40- Outbreak; 41- Like some aspirin regimens; 42- "... ___ quit!"; 43- Given for a time; 44- "Finished!"; 48- Word with slow or toe; 49- Spurs coach Popovich; 51- National animal of Romania; 53- Island once ruled by Mailikukahi; 54- "Gotcha"; 55- Pen pals?; 56- Formicide targets; 58- Row maker; 59- Like sashimi;