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Print Puzzle - "Space Shuttles" by AVXWords on 1/17/2019
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1- Film that nobody sees; 5- People have counted on them for thousands of years; 10- Ex-Laker and Kardashian ex Lamar; 14- Big name in energy bars; 15- 1998 Disney movie; 16- Dried up; 17- Just not into cooking things in fat at a low temperature for a long time anymore?; 19- Space that found its way out of 26-Across; 20- Mark up, in a way; 21- West Indian staple crop; 22- Enemy; 23- Space that found its way out of 50-Across; 26- Where a pig might be buried?; 29- First baseball team to retire numbers; 31- Have-___ (the poor); 32- Wine made from the moscato bianco grape; 33- NYC neighborhood where Robert Mapplethorpe lived; 36- Josh; 39- Unspecified degree; 40- Celebrity gossip magazine spinoff in the checkout lane at the songbird's supermarket?; 42- Le Creuset piece; 43- Brings to light; 44- "Ça te dit?" response; 45- Involuntary movement; 48- Fish wrapped in nori; 49- Meat inspection agcy.; 50- Smacks a double, say, allowing the greatest talk show host of all time to score a run?; 53- Space that found its way out of 40-Across; 54- Earlier than now; 55- C: system; 56- Like poor chances; 58- Space that found its way out of 17-Across; 59- Live puzzle events and, in a different sense, this puzzle's theme; 64- Fair-hiring indication, briefly; 65- Use your bean; 66- Go back-and-forth, in a way; 67- Workers who might join rounds; 68- Airport near Tokyo; 69- Letters before an email summary;
1- Progressive lady; 2- 2/14 feeling, perhaps sarcastically; 3- Length of some library loans; 4- Enjoy the slopes, with inflatable tubes on your back; 5- "Te ___" (2009 Rihanna single from "Rated R"); 6- Option for a light-hitting pitcher; 7- Italian sports cars, briefly; 8- "The city of a thousand minarets"; 9- Visiting for a couple days, if you want to grab coffee or something? No worries if you're busy; 10- ___Kosh B'Gosh; 11- Hard of hearing; 12- Veal ___ (dish named after a Russian noble); 13- Free-for-all; 18- Algonquin language; 23- Printer cartridge color; 24- Mr. Irrelevant's spot; 25- Like a nail-biter; 27- Some Evanescence fans; 28- Waze line: Abbr.; 30- Furniture in my condo nobody's allowed to crash on anymore; 34- Veronica's dad in Archie Comics; 35- Right then and there; 37- Jordanian's neighbor; 38- Early supercomputer; 40- Antediluvian; 41- X; 43- ___ John S. McCain; 45- Chiaroscurist, at times; 46- City bird; 47- Does penance; 49- Greatest; 51- One of the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament; 52- Award for "Darkest Hour" or "Dunkirk," probably; 53- It's inspired stuff; 57- "Master of None" actress Waithe; 60- "Love me ___ am"; 61- Wise bird, allegedly; 62- "Spy vs. Spy" magazine; 63- Nationality for one of 3,200,000 refugees in Turkey: Abbr.;