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Print Puzzle - "Cryptic Tuesday #6" by Nic Pursey on 1/15/2019
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7- &20 Inconceivable - like dropping the h from when? (3,2,3,8); 8- Girl's point about physical instruction changes (6); 10- Split right at the final hurdle (4); 11- Tonic needed if one's to get passionate? (4-6); 12- Take the trouble and get upset (6); 14- Pilloried learner - in for what could be recouped (8); 15- Language book? (7); 17- Get togged up then race into broadcast (7); 20- See 7; 22- Be repentant about sadness caused (6); 23- Not inclined to speak honestly (2,3,5); 24- The sort of dream that comes from smoking it (4); 25- Transporter agent (6); 26- Underlying principle's not primarily endowed with reason (8);
1- Song about our VE exploits by Piaf? (2,6); 2- Trump's mature so we're informed (4); 3- By the sound of it, this girl's upright (6); 4- These people might get in a spin if fuel is hot (7); 5- Bill explains why Dad's allowed to ingest speed (8); 6- Over-compassionate or unconcerned? (4,6); 9- Valuable stuff comes to light through controversy (5); 13- Make her seem hip to half the world (10); 16- Under arms, call for ex-First Lady to get the chop! (8); 18- Model example, right! (8); 19- Jack's really disheartened at his dishonesty (7); 21- Bones for all to see on lane, scattered about (5); 22- Tell uplifting story with soldiers encircling (6); 24- Push press release with party climbing (4);