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Print Puzzle - "We've Already Gone Over This" by AVXWords on 1/7/2019
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1- Pittsburgh-based food giant; 6- Tempo, as measured by a DJ; 9- Certain trophy sharer; 14- David who (greatly) helped the 50-Down win the World Series in 2004; 15- Highest-charting Steely Dan album; 16- Doctoral challenges; 17- Heat, as ore, to extract its elemental metal; 18- Aptly psychedelic supergroup comprised of Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo; 19- Subway headache; 20- "Nothing new under the sun ..."; 22- [I already clued this]; 24- Waxing spot; 25- PPO alternatives; 26- Hosp. area with lots of monitoring; 29- Substantial spread; 31- Cher style; 35- "Nothing new under the sun ..."; 38- [I remember doing a theme of this sort back in '89; Eugene Maleska hated it]; 40- Loosen, as laces; 41- Org. infiltrated by Maria Butina; 43- Kagan on the Supreme Court since 2010; 44- "Nothing new under the sun ..."; 46- [We used to design our grids by slicing up boiled onions, 'til the war left 'em scarce]; 48- Wrongful act, in law; 49- Place for putting balls; 51- "Happy Days" hangout; 52- Claudia Rankine, e.g.; 53- Stubbed thing; 56- What a seasoned person has been, and how this puzzle's theme answers each literally go; 59- [I'm gonna take a nap; you want a shot at cluing this one, kid?]; 63- Blunderers; 64- Sutcliffe or Cook of 20th-century rock music; 66- Likely to tweet?; 67- Japanese training spaces; 68- Maritime propulsion tool; 69- ___ Vanilli (pop group disgraced for lip syncing which, in hindsight, was maybe kind of unfair); 70- A bungalow has one; 71- The Source alternative; 72- Till now;
1- Colloquial equine; 2- Soul singer Franklin who was the first to record "Piece of My Heart"; 3- Thing; 4- Frasier's brother; 5- Band whose only beardless member is Frank Beard; 6- Like tires that might hydroplane; 7- Post-bath outfit, say; 8- Some sex workers' bosses; 9- Emulates Grace Hopper; 10- Cookie with a "Mystery" flavor; 11- D.C. highlight; 12- Romanian prince whose habit of impaling people inspired the character of Dracula; 13- "Gangnam Style" singer/dancer; 21- Comedy club flyer word; 23- Abolitionist Lucretia; 25- Underground Railroad "conductor" Tubman; 26- Greenland group; 27- Casual chat?; 28- Blurt; 30- A, as in Berlin; 31- Sample with a margin of error; 32- Skin swelling; 33- Kidney-related; 34- Reacts to an orgasm, perhaps; 36- Air drops?; 37- "___-haw!"; 39- Bahá'í, e.g.: Abbr.; 42- Felt foolish about, as one's words; 45- Partner of Peter, Raymond, and Winston; 47- Stake in a game; 50- MLB team that originally wore (and still sometimes wears) blue hosiery; 52- Protest collective ___ Riot; 54- "Dreams From My Father" audiobook narrator; 55- Icon who wrote none of the 600 or so songs he recorded (despite a couple credits, don't @ me here); 56- Buttloads; 57- Vino color; 58- Fridge emanation that, I don't know, might be coming from that ricotta cheese you insist on keeping; 59- Vomit, perhaps after finally opening that ricotta cheese you insisted on keeping; 60- Like onion rings; 61- Songwriter J.J.; 62- Work with needles; 63- They might be writable; 65- Charge on carbon emissions, e.g.;