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Print Puzzle - "Cryptic Tuesday #4" by Nic Pursey on 1/1/2019
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9- Author's a mug being seen with Calvin Klein (9); 10- Greek letter explains mark of condemnation (5); 11- Utterly disinterested by a party (7); 12- A different form of bluster about one from Virginia (7); 13- Electronic image offers the big picture (4); 14- Did fireman get it under control? Just (4-6); 16- Suit's a gem (7); 17- He might rest on his oars (7); 19- Deviation results from a near orbit (10); 22- Rework then prepare for publication (4); 25- Shame-faced that perfume apparently, is pretty worthless (3,4); 26- Critical comment follows major speech (7); 27- Instrument found in prison ring (5); 28- I'm the recipient of endless sermon to diocese (9);
1- Fortune left in property (6); 2- A flower of a girl (8); 3- Raise hand to batting side ... (5); 4- &20 ... turning ball landed with elan and supreme aim (2-3, 3, 3-3); 5- A slacker, yes but winter-sporter grabbed victory (6); 6- Gamin' trap might lead one to grouse (9); 7- About to pull up for a look (6); 8- Raise Samuel to assume I'm long in the tooth! (8); 15- Fillet done any which way in French city (9); 16- A tedious contest? Not at all! (4,4); 17- Head to Aden, cutting north through ships' action (8); 18- A crazy place to live? Once it was (8); 20- See 4; 21- Was he the giant that held the top impressionists captive? (6); 23- Dissertations can be derived from these situations (6); 24- Banged out letter getting date stamp first (5);